Get Ready for Bill Murray Day on June 21st!

    June 13, 2011 at 7:30 am

    bill murray partyFact: Everybody in the world loves Bill Murray (except for Chevy Chase). Bill Murray is more than just a celebrity. He’s become a pop culture icon. There are tons of celebrities, but Bill Murray has somehow risen to a legendary level beyond that of the normal celebrity.  It’s about time we all celebrated the awesomeness of Bill Murray. Fortunately, there’s already a Bill Murray Day Facebook group with nearly 1500 members who have designated June 21 as the official date of Bill Murray Day! You probably have a few simple questions about Bill Murray Day, so we’ve taken the liberty of pre-answering them for you:

    What Is Bill Murray Day?

    bill murray partyBill Murray Day (which is on June 21st) is a day that’s devoted to the celebration of Bill Murray’s awesomeness. Check out the Official Bill Murray Day facebook page, add yourself to the growing list of nearly 1,500 participants, and get your friends to sign up to. With any luck, Bill Murray Day will get a large enough response to legitimize itself as an actual national holiday, and you might end up getting the day off to sit around and watch Stripes, Meatballs, and Ghostbusters. And if it gets big enough, who knows? Maybe Bill Murray himself will hear about it!

    Who Created Bill Murray Day?

    bill murray partyBill Murray Day was created by Casey O’Donnell, who runs the website Take a look at his site, and you’ll learn that Casey is just a normal dude who really wants to have lunch with Bill Murray. Is that too much to ask? Casey thinks that Bill Murray is just the type of celebrity who might randomly stumble upon his site and decide to have lunch with him for real, and quite honestly that seems very possible. I mean, this is Bill Murray we’re talking about. He has a reputation for surprising people in Central Park, then running away while screaming “your friends will never believe you!”. He’s been known to do more outlandish things than have lunch with a stranger, so Casey’s plan might actually be perfect. Casey updates lunchwithbillmurray daily, so check back frequently to keep track of his progress. More importantly, though, how can you celebrate Bill Murray Day on June 21st?

    How Does One Celebrate Bill Murray Day?

    bill murray partyYou can do anything you want. The Bill Murray Day facebook page strongly suggests that you watch a Bill Murray movie (and there are plenty to choose from), but you can celebrate however you’d like. Some people may want to try to get through the entire day speaking nothing but Bill Murray quotes. Others may want to dress up as their favorite Bill Murray character. Still, others may decide to track down Chevy Chase and punch him in the face. The choice is yours!

    That sounds easy enough, right? Check out the Official Bill Murray Day Facebook Page for more info/to sign up, pass it on to your friends and encourage them to sign up, and keep watching Casey O’Donnell’s progress over at Also: Happy Bill Murray Day (on June 21)!!!

    bill murray party

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