A Gallery of Animals Riding Bikes

    June 13, 2011 at 3:23 pm

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    If there’s one advantage that humans have over animals, it’s our ability to manufacture cheap, muscle-powered transportation devices to help us run errands and avoid traffic. We’d better be careful, though, because if this collection of animals riding bikes tells us anything, it’s that the animals are catching up to us. It starts with them learning to ride bikes, and then the next thing you know, vicious war animals are running us out of our cities with laser guns and spaceships. But for now, these animals riding bikes are simply adorable.

    animal on bike dog

    monkey on bike

    animal on bike

    monkey on bike chimp

    animal on bike hamster

    animal on bike parrot

    frog on bike

    cat on bike kitten

    dog on bike dalmation
    elephant on bike

    elephant on bike

    bear on a bike

    snake bite bike tire

    hamster on bike gerbil

    circus bears on bike

    chimp on bike

    cat on bike

    dog on bike

    tiger with bike

    dog on bike

    deer on bike

    elephant on bike

    parrot riding bike

    muppet bikes


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