Man Discovers Base on Mars Using Google – UPDATED!

    June 7, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    base on marsDavid Martines, a California resident, was tooling around on Google Mars recently when he randomly happened upon the intriguing image above. Upon finding the pixelated white blob, Martines did what any of us would probably do when we found something awesome in space: he immediately decided that it was a man-made base that had secretly been constructed on Mars, and he took to the internet to unveil the truth behind the “Base on Mars” conspiracy. Martines posted a Youtube video detailing his find and also included the conclusion he’d hastily thrown together. The video exploded all over the internet’s face, garnering almost 900,000 views in just a few days. For some reason Martines has pulled the video off of Youtube, but we managed to find a re-post of it:



    As you can see, David Martines is a smart, unbiased guy. He knows that people are always skeptical of wild, outrageous claims like “I found a secret base on Mars using Google”, so he did the right thing: he put ridiculous conspiracy theory music over his entire montage, complete with mysterious whispers to let you, the viewer, know that you’re seeing something mysterious and creepy. Then he repeated himselfAnd if we weren’t hooked already, Martines was one more step ahead of us: he decided to name the base on Mars, to make it even more intriguing. Martines’ name of choice: “Bio Station Alpha”. Looks like somebody knows how to keep it academic and not jump to wild conclusions before he’s gathered enough evidence and confirmation from other independent sources (we’re looking at you, David Martines). Here’s a recent interview that David did with MSNBC, your number one source for out-of-touch commentary on whatever’s hot on the internet right now:


    Is it just me, or does this not seem like the same guy who put the Youtube video together at all? It’s amazing how people can back-pedal and retract statements when they’re on live television. But as skeptical as David Martines’ presentation forces us to be, his find is still interesting. Once media outlets got a hold of the story, they grabbed some insight from the first person they could find: a geologist at the University of Arizona, who said that the white pixelated blob could be a cosmic ray or some other sort of space dust that appears to be on the Martian surface but actually isn’t. As soon as the media had a debunking theory for Martines’ Mars Base story they ran with it, but both explanations seem kind of lame and unsatisfactory. Martines definitely found something on Google Mars, and possibly on Mars itself, but what is it? A camera glitch? Space dust? A tunnel to the underbelly of Mars, where the planets inhabitants have been hiding out for a few thousand years? The colony complex from Total Recall? The people need their air! While we’re waiting for a solid, believable explanation, here are a few ideas of what David might have found:



    car on mars

    starbucks on mars

    yankee go home on mars

    mcdonalds on mars

    total recall arnold mars


    Believe it or not, we heard from David Martines, the Californian who discovered this mysterious martian object and posted a Youtube video detailing his findings. David has informed us that his video was accidentally removed from Youtube, and that the video we posted above is not his original video, but rather a cheesy, poorly produced fake. David has since re-posted his original video, and we’ve embedded it here. Take a look at David’s find and let us know what you think:



    This changes everything a little bit, doesn’t it? In this video, David comes of as a more sensible, down-to-earth dude. He doesn’t jump to any extreme conclusions, and he didn’t include any ridiculous sci-fi music to further invalidate his claim. Additionally, the actual video that David has re-posted (which is basically just a screenshot of his computer monitor on Google Mars) is a lot more informative and detailed than the silly montage of still photos in first video above. All in all, this is a really good presentation of a clearly anomalous object that shows up on Google Mars. It could definitely still be some kind of camera glitch, space dust, or other object that just messed with the image, but David is able to rotate around the object on Google Mars and view it in a 3d space. It seems like a piece of space dust on a camera lens just wouldn’t respond to a 3D rotation like that. It could be a strange rock or a weird reflection but, as David says in his video, the find definitely merits further investigation.

    Whether you think this martian base found on Google Mars is legitimate or not, it’s certainly an interesting story to follow. Thanks to David Martines for setting the record straight and re-posting his video to Youtube, and be sure to check out to keep up with this fascinating developing story.


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    2. David says:

      To see the original video go to or use the embed link to get embed info, or visit the original youtube site.
      Thanks David Martines
      Fyi: the original was accidentally deleted and immediately re-uploaded.

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