Turn Me On 4 Model: Kim Fattorini

    May 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Kim Fattorini JVC Mobile EntertainmentKim Fattorini never even thought about being a model and look where she is now.  Not only is she in the new JVC Mobile Entertainment Turn Me On 4 video, but she was recently hanging out on set with Far East Movement.  We wanted to know fun facts about her so we decided to ask a lot of random questions.

    Here are the fun facts that we learned about Kim Fattorini:

    She has modeled for lingerie, swimwear, and fitness.  She was also a Playboy bikini model.
    Kim once won Miss Huntington.

    She loves Sushi Dan’s.  Every time she goes there she always get baked lobster roll.  Kim likes to put eel sauce or soy sauce on her sushi rolls.

    Kim has been able to meet a lot of celebrities such as: Hugh Heffner, Vince Vaughn, The Still Panthers, 3 oh 3 Boys, and Lil’ Jon.

    She got he chance to live at Planet Hollywood in Vegas while she was doing a show.  She said that she was there for six months but there was very little time for herself.  There were way too many tourists.

    She has actually been to Griffith park but never got a chance to ride the horses.

    When Kim wears heels it doesn’t even bother her anymore.  She wears them so much that she has gotten used to the feeling.

    She loves makeup from Sephora and MAC.

    It takes Kim two hours to get ready.

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