Turn Me On 4 Model: Aqueela Zoll

    May 16, 2011 at 10:00 am

    Turn Me On 4 Aqueela ZollWhat type of music do you find yourself listening to the most?

    Anything that I can dance to! I love listening to 80’s,90’s, 00’s, current pop selections. When I workout I enjoy pop dance music as well as more intense music that I can rock out to like Skillet and Lincoln Park. I’m from Redding so of course there is also always a place in my heart for country music: Lonestar, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Collin Raye, etc. 🙂


    What is the playlist called that you listen the most on your iPod?

    It’s called “Get going” :)….I listen to it in the morning sometimes while I’m primping – totally dance all around my apartment and sing lol – while I’m walking to classes at the University, while I workout, etc. Just love it!
    Name a song from the 80’s that you still jam to:

    Oh yes!  Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield


    Would you say that Cindi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun song is a National Anthem for women?

    Haha I’d say if not it’s got to be close. I’ve never listened to Girls Just Want To Have Fun anywhere and not had all of the girls around join in. That’s another 80’s song I love.


    Was it fun working with musicians?

    Oh gosh it was a blast! Lita was rockin’, Kevin from Candlebox was wonderful and super cool, Puddle of Mudd was awesome, and Rev Theory brought it for sure! 🙂 They were all fantastic and it was such a pleasure meeting and working with them all!


    Were you star-struck when you met the bands?

    I was so excited to meet such a talented and dynamic spectrum of artists, definitely! It was great getting introduced to their songs that prior I had not known – I really liked them all!


    Are rockers your type of man?

    I don’t think I would say rockers but my type of man is the type who isn’t afraid to rock out!  Not necessarily rock out to heavy rock music (( haha )) but he’s got to go all out and enjoy music and dancing as much as I do. That is key.


    What do you usually like in a guy?

    I’m attracted to confidence and strength of character. He has to be fun and a great dancer and know how to lead me respectfully – otherwise I’ll be in charge of everything lol


    Have you found a “type” yet?

    No not necessarily a “type”…I just know when I am compatible with someone 🙂


    What do you think is a “cute” thing for a guy to do for a girl?

    I think that it is really cute when a guy leaves notes for his girl.  If he stays over and has to leave for work or whatever the next morning… he leaves a little not for her.  Even if it’s just telling her she is beautiful or that he had a wonderful time or anything like that 🙂 Any kind of little surprises that let her know that he is thinking about her just whenever  – that’s cute!



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