The 10 Best Video Game Sidekicks of All Time

    May 12, 2011 at 10:00 am

    Every video game needs a hero. But every video game hero needs a good video game sidekick. It doesn’t matter if the sidekick is big or small, human or robot, even alive or inanimate, sidekicks are the guys that heroes fall back on during the tough times. Whether they talk, morph or just hang around, these are the 10 Best Video Game Sidekicks of All Time:


    Halo Series

    cortana halo sexy hot boobsThe Hologram sidekick who guides the biggest bad ass in the video game  galaxy. The Halo Series’ Master Chief wouldn’t even know where he was going if it wasn’t for his spunky hologram sidekick. It doesn’t hurt that she’s super sexy, either.


    Mega Man Series

    rush the dog megaman

    Dog + vehicular robot = Awesome video game sidekick. Not only is he a submarine, a hover board and a coil but he’s also your companion through battles with every kind of robot imaginable. Starting as a sidekick in Mega Man 3, Rush is truly Robot’s best friend.

    The Ball

    Katamari Damacy Series

    katamari ball

    The Ball in Katamari Damacy was technically the sidekick to the Prince of the Cosmos. He helped the hero by picking up everything from a pencil to a planet. The Ball was such an important video game sidekick that most people forgot there was even a Prince to begin with.


    Ratchet & Clank Series

    clank ratchet and clank

    Clank’s never-ending supply of gadgets and witty quips helped Ratchet through some difficult challenges. Clank is an adorable lil video game sidekick with an adorable lil British accent. Let me put it this way: who wouldn’t want a British robot sidekick who always has anything you need?

    Jerome “Doc” Louis

    Punch-Out Series

    doc louis mike tyson's punchout

    Doc was a sidekick who never left your side while you battled through countless ethnic stereotypes,  from monarchs to circus clowns, and even helped you defeat Mike Tyson himself. He even rode by your side on a bike while you trained. This video game sidekick’s bug-eyed encouragement will never be forgotten.


    Mario Series

    yoshi super mario bros

    A tiny dinosaur sidekick that can eat anything is a fun idea. Make him ride a go-kart and carry a baby on his back and he becomes a video game sidekick legend. Yoshi could handle things on his own, but by letting a plumber ride him around for 5 console generations, he truly is a wonderful sidekick.


    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    link navi zelda ocarina of time

    THE sidekick in arguably THE greatest action/RPG of all time, Navi guided Link and didn’t interfere with any game play mechanics, which a bad sidekick tends to do. Sure she’s just a fairy, but she gave Link a ton of important information, like “Listen”, “Watch out” and ” Look”.

    Roman Bellic

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    roman belic gta

    In most video games, you need a strong sidekick. In GTA 4, it takes a weak, spineless family member to remind you of how strong your character is in the expansive landscape that is Liberty City. Roman is a sniveling, cowardly, gambling addict, but Niko’s loyalty to his cousin teaches a valuable lesson to gamers and forces them to choose meaningful mission branches to the plot. Plus, you’ll never get his accent/voice out of your head. Cousin Niko!

    Weighted Companion Cube

    Portal Series

    weighted companion cube portal

    Sure, WCC is an inanimate object, but he’s just as much of a video game sidekick as any living thing on this list. Like all good sidekicks, he helped you through the levels. Unlike most sidekicks, you had to toss him into an incinerator to finish the game. The WCC’s sacrifice for your own good earns him a spot on this list.


    Mario Series

    luigi super mario bros

    Luigi is the quintessential video game sidekick, and he is one of the few sidekicks to have his own solo game. In Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo’s Game Cube, you chased around ghosts with a flashlight. It was a critic AND fan favorite… And they STILL went back to Mario. Luigi will always be the first 2nd place, and the absolute best video game sidekick of all time.


    1. redhammer says:

      What?! navi was the worst sidekick ever. She was the most annoying, pointless and inane creature that ever pestered the hell out of anyone.

      “look, listen”, She just never shuts up. Her hint system was intolerable!

    2. Rafael says:

      Agro from Shadow of the Colossus?

    3. Name says:

      I personally like Knuckles, but Tails iz TOTALLY aw3some 2:)

    4. Hello says:

      wheres daxter?

    5. Jeromy says:

      no Alyx Vance from HL2. FAIL

    6. Name says:

      I agree with all except Roman. Such an annoying character.

    7. Anon Emous says:

      No Tails? You are out of your mind.

    8. John says:

      This list is complete BS. I kept waiting, sifting through half ass’d sidekicks (Clank and Rush excluded) to see Tails!!! No TAILS??!!! Lame.

    9. ZagYee says:

      Wow OK this makes a lot of sene dude.

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