7 Reasons To Miss The Local Video Store

    May 12, 2011 at 5:00 am

    The last Blockbuster video closed in my area. I didn’t miss it until this weekend with nothing much to do and massive amounts of time to kill. I started to realize that a cool part of my childhood was gone. Renting videos was a weekly event for a large chunk of young life and now there are fewer and fewer video stores around. Redbox is an option and Netflix is probably the easiest way to get movies (especially streamed right to my XBox but the moving renting experience will never be the same.

    Here are seven reasons to miss the local video store;


    Movie rental places allowed for casual browsing looking for nothing in particular but something to kill time. Often it was a rented movie that killed time but occasionally it was just the act of going out to get the movie that killed some time on a boring day. Browsing is especially helpful when a person just doesn’t know what time of movie they’re in the mood to watch.

    Movie Weekends

    As a kid, I loved going to the video store on a Friday night or early Saturday morning and renting a bunch of movies/video games to last the entire weekend. A movie for Saturday afternoon, one for the evening, a video game to play in between and then something for late Sunday.

    Older Titles

    Red Box only carries new movies and Netflix has old titles but nothing you’d want to waste a rental or days waiting on just in case the movie is as bad as it seems. The great thing about video stores was they carried hundreds of old movies that seemed interesting enough to waste a couple bucks on, check out, and bring back an hour later because it stunk.

    Meeting People

    The local video store was always a hot spot for kids. Friends hanging out looking to get movies (and sneak into the XXX section–more on that later) and kids from other schools mixing in. It always wasn’t a bad place to pick up women later on in life. “Oh, you’re renting Chocolat? I heard it’s fantastic. Watching it alone? Oh that’s a shame.”

    Plan B

    Movie rentals were always the second option when there wasn’t anything better to do, when plans got canceled or when you just felt like being a hermit and hiding out indoors for a couple days. Also great to pacify young children (“Let’s go rent something”) and to occupy house guests that are becoming intolerable (“Let’s rent a movie and not talk for two hours.”)


    Movie rental places always had great stuff for sale besides the rented movies; previewed movies for a steal, tons of candy and shirts and posters from new and old movies. The local Blockbuster was the first place I found Nerds On A Rope and my life has been in shambles since that day. I just can’t quit you Nerds!

    The Porn Room

    The Adults Only rooms were only popular in non-chain stores but everyone always knew about this room. Parents told their kids to stay away while kids were always concocting a plan to get inside without anyone noticing. It really had nothing to do with the pornography but more about what the big deal was about the movies in that room. Once a kid gained entrance life was never the same. Bob’s Boy Toys III. I lost my innocence the day I accidentally saw that cover. I ran straight to the Disney section.

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