A Gallery Of People With Terrible Teeth

    May 6, 2011 at 8:00 am

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    There are boob men. There are butt men. I’m a teeth man. Sure, T&A is important but if a woman is flashing a smile full of corn kernels and broken Chicklets, she could have the body of a porn star, I can’t get past her terrible teeth.

    It’s always fascinating how much money people spend on their chompers, and on the flip side, how much some people neglect oral hygiene. So many people ignore their teeth that Googling the phrase “bad teeth” brings up far too many images. In the interest of time, I chose my favorite (or least favorite) smiles from the group and put together this gallery.

    1. Mike King says:

      I thought my teeth were bad, now i feel so much better. Damn someone help these people

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