The 12 Most Devoted Celebrity NBA Playoff Fans

    May 4, 2011 at 10:00 am

    The NBA is known for its celebrity fans almost as much as their superstar basketball players. The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, so let’s take a look at some die-hard celebrity NBA Playoffs fans that you can expect to see screaming court-side during this year’s NBA Playoffs.

    Donnie Wahlberg

    Boston Celtics

    donnie wahlberg boston celticsDonnie Wahlberg goes to every Boston Celtics game, even when the team is playing on the road.

    Jack Nicholson

    Los Angeles Lakers

    jack nicholson los angeles lakersJack Nicholson is more associated with the L.A. Lakers than most of the team’s players are.

    Spike Lee

    New York Knicks

    spike lee new york knicksSpike Lee, a life-long Knicks fan, attends every single game and somehow manages to dress crazier and crazier every single time.

    Eva Longoria

    San Antonio Spurs

    eva longoria san antonio spursEva Longoria is a life-long Spurs fan. She even married one of the Spurs players, but her true Spurs fandom will be tested now that said player (Tony Parker) cheated on/divorced her.

    Mark Cuban

    Dallas Mavericks

    mark cuban dallas mavericksYeah, Mark Cuban owns the Mavericks, but he’s also their biggest fan. He’s always making himself known to the referees and the opposing team’s fans, like a true Mavericks Maniac should.

    Chris Tucker

    Atlanta Hawks

    chris tucker atlanta hawksChris Tucker, an Atlanta native, is seen at even the lowest-attended Hawks games. Yes, he always looks this old nowadays.

    Tiger Woods

    Orlando Magic

    tiger woods orlando magic cheerleadersTiger Woods was seen less during his marriage problems, but he’s still got court-side tickets and has been seen frequently at the arena as of late.

    Jimmy Buffet

    Miami Heat

    jimmy buffet miami heatJimmy Buffet is a courtside staple, along with his son. He was even kicked out of a Heat game once for arguing with the refs over a bad call.

    Will Smith

    Philadelphia 76ers

    will smith basketball cardWill Smith was (obviously) born and raised in Philadelphia. He also tried to buy the team in 2006, but failed. However, that didn’t put a damper on his 76ers fandom.

    Eddie Vedder

    Chicago Bulls

    eddie vedderVedder was born in Evanston, Illinois and is a die-hard Chicago sports fan. He’s even befriended many of the city’s premiere athletes, including former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman.

    Jared Fogle (The Subway Guy)

    Indiana Pacers

    jared fogle indiana pacersJared Fogle is an Indy native and life-long Pacers fan. He can be seen regularly sitting courtside during the Pacers season, chowing down on a cold cut combo.

    Lil Wayne

    New Orleans Hornets

    lil wayne new orleans hornetsEveryone knows that Lil Wayne is a NOLA native, so it’s no surprise that he’s a fan of his hometown Hornets. He’s not seen at games as frequently as some of the other people on this list, but he has been known to show up courtside from time to time, both at home and away games.


    1. It’s well known that Lil Wayne’s favorite basketball team is the LA Lakers. He talked about it all the time in the blog he wrote for ESPN. If you’re going to make a list about celebrity fans and affiliation, do your homework.

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