Would You Rather? With Comedian Erikka Innes

    May 2, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Nationally touring comedian and award-winning writer, Erikka Innes joins EgoTV this week for Would You Rather? Innes is scoring high marks in comedy clubs all over the country and her high-energy performance is captured on the New Wave Dynamics release of her debut comedy album SEX WITH NERDS. The album is now available iTunes & Amazon.

    EGOTV: Would you rather live next door to a known, convicted killer who has served his time OR a person convicted of being a high-tech peeping tom?

    Erikka Innes: Peeping Tom. If he’s high tech he’ll be interested in seeing my bits. I don’t know about you, but I’m comfortable with leaving my data storage server in the window.

    EGOTV: Make your living manufacturing sex toys OR guns?

    Erikka Innes: What’s the difference?

    EGOTV: To save yourself from death, have to name 40 U.S. capitals OR 25 former U.S. Presidents?

    Erikka Innes: Probably forty U.S. capitals. Though I would probably try to renegotiate for 40 superheroes.

    EGOTV: Accidentally make an ethnic slur on the national news OR piss your pants while interviewing the President on national TV?

    Erikka Innes: Piss my pants, cuz I’d be prepared for the situation. I’m not above wearing depends on national TV.

    EGOTV: Be a guy with a voice like Minnie Mouse OR a woman with a voice like Barry White?

    Erikka Innes: A woman with a voice like Barry White, because then men would listen to what I say.

    The New Wave Dynamics release of Erikka Innes’ debut comedy album SEX WITH NERDS now available iTunes & Amazon.

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