11 Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Taxes

    April 13, 2011 at 10:00 am

    It’s that time of year again: tax season. If you haven’t filed yet, you’d better get to it. If you’re thinking about not filing because nobody will ever find out anyway, learn a lesson from these famous celebrities who cheated on their taxes and got busted big time. It seems that even fame, fortune and stardom is not enough to deter the IRS from bringing the smack down on you.

    The Osbournes

    $1.7 Million

    Really, Osbourne family? Even with all that rock n’ roll money and about three dozen reality shows on your resume, you still couldn’t pony up to pay your taxes? For shame, the Osbournes! For shame! Of course, it’s entirely possible that the Osbournes did file their taxes, but that the forms were filled with so much gibberish that the accountant couldn’t decipher anything.

    Lil’ Wayne

    $5.6 Million

    Weezy already did some hard time for his tax evasion, so I guess he’s good now. Still, with all the shady crap that Lil Wayne has undoubtedly been involved in, he goes down for tax evasion? What is he, Al Capone?

    Wesley Snipes

    $17 Million

    So many movies, and so little money. You can dress like an accountant as much as you want, Wesley. You’re not fooling anyone. Perhaps this time, you shouldn’t have bet on black…get it? From Passenger 57?

    Nicolas Cage

    $6.5 Million

    I wish I could’ve been there in court to hear Nic Cage’s awkwardly delivered reasoning as to why he forgot to pay six and a half million dollars in taxes. I’m imagining that it was very similar to the scene in Wickerman where he screams “Bees! Bees!” over and over again, and he probably punched a large woman in the face at some point also. It must’ve been amazing.

    Ja Rule

    $1.1 Million

    Is “I don’t know why I’m making any money at all” a reasonable excuse for not paying taxes? Ja Rule has been topping hip hop charts since 1999 and making movies since 2001, and he still doesn’t have enough money to pay taxes? Maybe it’s because he’s starring in crappy movies like Precinct 13 and The Cookout.

    Al Sharpton

    $1.8 Million

    Yes, that’s right: former Presidential candidate Al Sharpton is a certified tax cheat.I can’t confirm this, but somehow I just know that Al Sharpton smells like stale Cheetos and dirty laundry all the time. You can tell just by looking at him.

    Lil’ Kim

    $1 Million

    Oh, so that’s why people go on Dancing With the Stars.

    Pamela Anderson


    Apparently you can only write off so many boob jobs and expensive yacht trips/blowjob parties with your new fiance of the month. Still, I’d gladly go into a half million dollars worth of debt to have those sweater muffins attached to my body 24/7.

    Christina Ricci


    I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t done anything remotely notable in almost 1o years, but isn’t there an exemption for adorableness? Because if there is, Christina Ricci should never have to pay taxes. Ever. She’s like the kitten of human beings!

    Mos Def


    Mos Def seems like exactly the kind of guy who would cheat on his taxes. I’m not surprised he got caught, but I am surprised that he’s only in the hole $46k. This guy was in a movie with Bruce Willis! You know he had some major cash for at least a little while.

    Method Man


    What’s the guy supposed to do? Buy cheaper weed? We’re talking about Method Man. The Method Man. He’d rather live in that old abandoned water silo back there than smoke crappy weed. Plus, he expected all that How High money to last a lot longer than it did.

    1. TheReviewer says:

      lolz.. 😛 I think all celebrities do the same.. bt some are caught some are not.. 🙂

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