5 Reasons Donald Trump Would Make A Terrible President

    April 11, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Donald Trump won’t run for President because even he doesn’t want the job. It’s a thankless gig with few selling points. He is just doing all this to get more people to pay attention to his show Celebrity Apprentice. The Donald wants to be a celebrity more than a political star. This is good because he’d be an awful President anyway. Here is why…

    He Is Already A Walking Punchline

    It takes a couple months in office before the President becomes a target for show like The Daily Show, Colbert Report and that late night thing that Jay Leno does but in this case the President would have been the butt of a joke for years. It’s almost too easy of a gag. There are only so many hair jokes and most of them aren’t funny. If the American people are already making fun of the President why can’t every other country?

    He Has More Than A Few Bankrupt Companies

    There was a long period of time when Trump’s companies (and Trump himself) where toupee deep (see, not funny) in debt. He eventually pulled himself out but it’s still kind of scary to think a President could put this country even deeper in the hole. Sure, he could get us out like he did for himself, but it’s a risky proposition that would probably involveā€¦.

    He’ll Want To Name Everything Trump

    Trump puts his name on every single product he sells. He is his own brand. Fine for a personal business man, not so great for a President. President’s usually get things named after them when they are out of office. Trump will name things after himself in the first month. Trump White House. Trump D.C. Trump Force One.

    He Is A Germaphobe

    It was just a side comment made by ex-Celebrity Apprentice contestant Curtis Stone but an interesting one; When asked in an interview on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” about how the Donald smelled, Stone replied that he wasn’t sure because “Mr. Trump is kind of a germaphobe. He doesn’t let people get too close. He isn’t one for shaking hands.” Not a good thing for a man that will be expected to meet with men and women from different countries, will be forced to travel to different countries and in a position that involves shaking probably a billion hands a day.

    He Starts Too Many Fights

    Trump vs. Rosie. Trump vs. Mark Cuban. Trump Vs. Obama. Trump Vs. Barbara Walters and now Whoopi. This guy picks way too many personal fights to be in such powerful position as the President. He will get criticized more on a daily basis than any other person in the world. He can’t start a war of words with everyone because it could lead to an actual war of worlds. The last thing we want is that hair to have access to the big button.

    1. Gary says:

      I strongly disagree.. we need a outsider to get this country back to a good place to live . Without Washington telling us how to live our lives. Oh and that goes for the media also. Media loves to pick our Presidents look how well we are doing ? Its one big joke on the American people. I for one am looking forward to positive change not the same old crap and media spin… They love to pit one side against the other when we all know they play us for the fools we are…. Maybe Americans will wake up and vote for your future. Or let
      Obama and the media finish the job they started.. Who would you trust with your money obama or trump ? Lets trust obama he never let us down right?

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