Would You Rather? With Comedian Sean Kent

    April 6, 2011 at 11:00 am

    This week, comedian Sean Kent joins us for a rousing game of Would You Rather? Critically acclaimed standup comedian and recent winner of the renowned Seattle International Comedy Competition,  Kent performs live to packed houses in the US, Canada and abroad. Recently featured on Showtime‘s “Green Collar Comedy Special,“ the Texas native‘s incisive socio-political comedy can also be seen on NBC, CBS, E! Entertainment, Comedy Central, Fox Sports Net, VH1 and more. Kent’s comedy album “Sex, Drugs and Politics” ,released by New Wave Dynamics, is available on iTunes and Amazon.

    EGOTV: Would you rather show up drunk to pick your boss up from airport OR drunk to your kid’s PTA meeting?

    Sean Kent: I would rather show up drunk to pick up my boss because as a comedian there is a good chance my boss will be on cocaine and not notice I am drunk.

    EGOTV: Have your new girlfriend/boyfriend hear your parents having screaming sex OR have your parents hear you and new girlfriend/boyfriend having screaming sex?

    Sean Kent: I’d rather my girlfriend hear my parents because I don’t think anything would make me laugh louder than hearing my parents f*cking.

    EGOTV: Have quadruplets OR four babies all ten months apart?

    Sean Kent: I would rather have them all four months apart because at a certain point the older one can watch the younger ones. Like maybe when they’re around 3. I think that’s a good age for chores.

    EGOTV: Be stuck in a room for 24 hours with enthusiastic preachers OR circus clowns?

    Circus Clowns

    Sean Kent: I’d rather be stuck with enthusiastic preachers because we’re both in show business (of some sort) so may be we’d have stuff in common.

    EGOTV: Win a Noble Prize for an idea you stole OR become rich off an invention that hurts people?

    Sean Kent: I’d rather get rich off my invention because originality trumps safety. Also for my ego. Also I like to hurt people.

    Sean Kent’s comedy album “Sex, Drugs and Politics” released by New Wave Dynamics is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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