Good April Fool’s Day Pranks

    March 29, 2011 at 10:00 am

    April Fool’s Day is on Friday, which means it’s time to start looking for good April Fool’s Day pranks to pull on your roommates, friends, and loved ones. Pranks can run the gamut, from innocent and cute, to straight-up ruthless, to downright dangerous. Depending on your intended target, you may want to up the danger level a bit, but these April Fool’s Day pranks should be more than enough to get you started:

    1. Plastic Wrap the Toilet Seat

    Saran Wrap Toilet Plastic wrap prankWhat You’ll Need: Plastic Wrap, A Toilet

    How to Do It: This prank is a tried-but-true April Fool’s classic. Wait until night time when your target is asleep. Lift up both toilet seats, then stretch the clear plastic wrap across the toilet bowl. Close the lid down and be sure that the excess plastic wrap around the edges is concealed.

    The Aftermath: Your target will most likely be covered in his/her own urine. Fun for everyone!

    2. Put Feeding Crickets in the Bedroom

    crickets bugs insectsWhat You’ll Need: A bag of feeding crickets from your local pet supply store.

    How to Do It: This prank is easy! Just open your bag of feeding crickets and dump them in your target’s room. Crickets are natural hiders, so they’ll do most of the work for you. Everything will seem normal until your target goes to bed that night, because when the lights go out, the feeding crickets turn on! Luckily, April Fool’s Day is on a Friday night, because you’re target is definitely not sleeping getting any sleep that night.

    The Aftermath: Best case scenario: in about a week, your target’s room is going to be littered with cricket corpses. Worst case: a nightmarish spider apocalypse, featuring arachnids as crazy as a fat person at an all-you-can-eat bacon buffet.

    3. Challenge Them To “Beer Hands”

    beer guy in backgroundWhat You’ll Need: Three beers and a target with two hands, or two beers and a one-handed target.

    How to Do It: Balance the beer on the back of your hand, demonstrating your amazing ability to hold the beer on the back of your hand without spilling it. Then challenge your target to do it with both hands. Once the beers are in place atop your targets hands, just leave the room. Your target will be forced to spill the beer if he/she ever wants to use his/her hands again.

    The Aftermath: Your target has to clean up at least one spilled beer. Prank accomplished.

    4. The Old Leash n’ Collar Trick

    leash collarWhat You’ll Need: A dog leash and a collar, preferably with a tag featuring an adorable pet name like “Whiskers” or “Cornelius”.

    How to Do It: Before your target leaves for work or school on April Fool’s Day, snag the keys to their car and pop the trunk. Place the leash half way in, so that the other half of the leash (the one with the collar) is hanging out when the trunk is closed.

    The Aftermath: Everyone who sees your target driving to work will think they’re a dog-killing a-hole. They will be hated, and isn’t that really what April Fool’s Day is all about?

    5. The “Oh, Crap! I’m a Vampire!” Gag

    terrible vampire costumeWhat You’ll Need: A good digital camera, access to a Kinko’s, and between $30 and $300.

    How to Do It: Take a picture of your target’s bedroom or bathroom, as seen from the point of view of their favorite mirror. Take the picture to your local Kinko’s and have it printed into a prank sized picture that’s large enough to cover the mirror (it should look like the picture is actually a reflection of the room, so make sure the paper is a little bit glossy and hasĀ  some reflection).

    The Aftermath: On April Fool’s Day, your target looks in his/her mirror, doesn’t see a reflection, and becomes convinced that he/she a vampire. For added effect, have a glass of strawberry syrup waiting for them when they come out in shock, and welcome them to “The Brotherhood”.

    6. Put Food Coloring in the Hand Soap

    hand soap bottles colorsWhat You’ll Need: A bottle of food coloring, access to your target’s bathroom.

    How to Do It: Pour the food coloring into your target’s hand soap. Shake until color is consistent. Wait.

    The Aftermath: This prank depends entirely on your target’s cleanliness habits. If they do adhere to social norms and wash their hands like a decent person, they’ll end up with more trouble than they bargained for. If they come out with normal-colored hands, then at least you’ll know they’re a filthy, despicable person.

    7. Electrical Tape the TV Remote Sensor

    remote control tv backgroundWhat You’ll Need: Electrical tape, access to your target’s television set.

    How to Do It: For this prank, find the remote control sensor on your target’s television set. Cover it with a small piece of black electrical tape. Don’t tape the remote itself. That’s way too easy.

    The Aftermath: Your target will probably end up breaking their television set on April Fool’s Day. Hilarious!

    8. The Classic “Fake Mouse” Prank

    black rice mouse poop

    What You’ll Need: Some rice, black spraypaint, access to your target’s room/apartment.

    How to Do It: Scatter some rice on cardboard or newspaper and spray paint it black on all sides. Let it dry, then it’s prank time! Scatter the rice around your target’s room/apartment. Pay special attention to shoes, pillows, beds, and anywhere it will easily be discovered.

    The Aftermath: Your target will start finding mouse crap all over the place, and they’ll become convinced that they have a mouse infestation. As long as you try to intercept any pet control specialists that are called in, you should be able to keep this prank going for months. Imagine your target’s surprise when you finally scream “April Fool’s!” in late November.

    1. GOODSTUFF says:

      I am not going to turn on my computer on during April fools day – good day to figure my taxes

    2. #3 could be incomplete, if the target use her mouth to hang 1 beer or drink the beer , the prank is unaccomplished.

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