Mad About Who? Paul Reiser To Replace Perfect Couples On NBC

    March 23, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Paul Reiser gets new sitcom

    NBC is replacing a sitcom no one was watching with a sitcom star no one under the age of thirty will remember. And they wonder why their network is peacock poop.

    NBC has confirmed that new comedy series The Paul Reiser Show will premiere on April 14. The Paul Reiser Show is loosely based on the Mad About You star’s real life and will focus on Reiser’s antics as he makes a number of new male friends.

    To defend Perfect Couples for a second, I actually watched an episode, and it was pretty funny. It’s the kind of show/characters that need development and an entire season to get viewers to understand what they are all about. Of course, this is network TV, so the show gets about three weeks. On to Reiser, he is a funny guy, and it’s obvious NBC is now trying to attract viewers with a “hey, hey remember this guy! You loved him once, why wouldn’t you love him now?” programming strategy. Always a bad idea.

    The show will take the Thursday slot at 8.30/7.30c currently occupied by sitcom Perfect Couples.

    Thursdays at 8:30. Isn’t that against American Idol results and Glee? Yeah, best of luck with all that. Wonder if Bill Cosby if busy.

    ‘Paul Reiser’ to replace ‘Perfect Couples’ – [Digital Spy]

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