Lala Romero: The Original Rebecca Black

    March 23, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    lala romero sexy latina singer hotMeet Lala Romero: the original Rebecca Black. Lala was uploading her own awesomely crappy music videos 2 years before Rebecca Black’s Friday video came on the scene. To be fair, Lala’s lyrics are a slightly above Rebecca Black’s preschool level Friday lyrics, but they’re also infinitely more ghetto. Check out this Lala Romero music video for her 2009 debut single, Homegurlz:


    1. Thumbs up for all of the above. This doesn’t even sound like an article, just saying. Rebecca didn’t even right that song btw. Yeah it’s kind of lame (scratch the kind of part).
      LaLa is an achiever and will do it big. It’s all about the culture that inspires the music. LaLa has done some serious collabs and will do more. Not Ghetto, Real. She is helping the community so dont be talkin shxt!

      Have a nice day!

    2. Sandeep says:

      …and im a boy. she is doing a lot for her gender – and i respect that.

    3. Sandeep says:

      Thank you Pinkie Bandit and thank you THUGBANDIT. at least someone understands.

      Im of indian culture btw. not latino, but at least i still have the brains to understand and acknowledge that LaLa is nothing like LaLa.

      To the writer of this pointless article:

      1) when you start out, of course your music videos are going to be low budget.
      2) are you trying to say that due to the music video, LaLa makes some kind of resemblance (in style?) to RB?
      3) By making that bizarre claim, you are also stating that a) everyone who has a low budget video is like RB or b) only LaLa is like RB – although this has no logical sense to it.

      dont generalise. you make yourself look like an idiot.

    4. THUGBANDIT says:

      Wow dis was written by a white guy who will not understand our Latino culture and who is a phony cheater liar according to his personal history. I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WAT HE DOES FOR A LIVING author hmm dat title dnt fit u sir. LAla is an Artist who works hard to get where she has gotten who brought many females together and encourages us to believe in ourselves to reach our full potential and brings us together to help others in moments of need Japan was one and now da Cinderella project. Only cuz she has taught us to respect others she says we not all agree in our tastes but show respect to others ppls opinions and cuz of dat i dnt tell u wats really on my mind ill got to hell for it. I rate ur blog(opinion) a 0 now heres a fact i love Lala her music and da person she is. Its gonna take more dan a amazinly crappy blog for u to b at her level chavala.

    5. Your so dumb LaLa is nothing like that chick. have you heard all her music?? She has collabed with the game and fat joe. She is a close friend of mine nothing like rebbeca black. You need to check your shit because she is not ghetto she is about latina empowerment and showing you can be better than what they make you out to be.

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