A Gallery of Funny AT&T Pictures

    March 21, 2011 at 4:49 pm

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    AT&T announced recently that it’s buying out T-Mobile, so basically there will be two major cell phone service providers to choose from now. What? What’s Sprint? Oh, that company that Verizon is going to buy soon? Yeah. That one doesn’t count. In honor of the merger (which might actually improve AT&T’s notoriously crappy service), here’s a gallery of  funny AT&T pictures.

    att billboard funny nsa tmobile

    att billboard funny rick rolls tmobile cellphone verizon


    att funny sign picture phone tmobile

    funny att pic tmobile phone

    att pic phone black guy white arm motivational

    att justin bieber beach funny motivational

    att funny pic 40s old tyme operator

    att death star

    funny att pic tiger woods dropped call

    funny att picture bar sign iphone

    att funny pic

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