Andrew “Dice” Clay Calls Charlie Sheen A Big Loser

    March 18, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Andrew “Dice” Clay popped out of his hole this week, saw his bald shadows, and announce six more years of unfunny material and comeback attempts! He also wanted to let us all know he thinks Charlie Sheen is a loser.

    Controversial comic Andrew Dice Clay is one person who doesn’t think Charlie Sheen is WINNING! In fact he thinks the Two and a Half Men star needs help, and isn’t shy about expressing his opinion.

    The Dice Man is infamous for his crude act and rants, but even he is disgusted by Charlie Sheen’s recent antics and has video of his expletive-filled rant about the troubled sitcom star.

    Can Dice still be considered a controversial comic? Is it accurate to even call him a working comic? I’m not sure he even still does stand-up, but I can’t be sure, because there are no VFW halls in my area.

    Clearly not amused by Sheen’s career implosion and public spectacle, the comic says: “Nobody has got the balls to tell this guy how f***ed up he is. He’s on TV terrorizing newscasters because they’ve seen him waving a f***ing machete in the air. He’s f***ing saying, ‘I’m winning.’

    “Let me tell you something Charlie, I used to be a big fan of what you do, you did some great movies in the past, you had the opportunity to be on one of the greatest sitcoms of this f***ing decade and then you go on TV and promote f***ing drugs, you call that winning?”

    Greatest sitcom of the decade? Great movies? Is he referring to Hot Shots or Hot Shots Part Deux? Now I think Dice is the one on drugs.

    VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Is ‘The Biggest Loser in the World’ Says Andrew Dice Clay – [Radar Online]

    1. who the fuck is andrew clay >_<

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