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    March 17, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    bill murray in bed eating meal is my new favorite site. It was started by a guy named Casey O’Donnell, and his mission is simple:

    “My name is Casey O’Donnell. I would like to meet and have lunch with Bill Murray and I think the power of the internet can make that happen. Let’s Go!”

    Each day, Casey posts new content that documents his quest to contact and have lunch with Bill Murray. Sometimes it’s a list of the 1-800 numbers that Casey has been randomly dialing in an attempt to get to Bill Murray’s all-too-elusive booking number. Sometimes he outlines his different strategies for contacting Bill Murray. He’s also featuring nearly every photo and video of Bill Murray eating (or doing something involving food) that the internet has to offer. It’s all about a) Bill Murray, b) Food, and c) a combination of Bill Murray and Food, and Casey’s non-stalkery approach to his quest hits a perfectly irreverent and inviting tone that even the most unpredictable celebrity can’t resist. If Bill Murray sees this site, he will have lunch with Casey.

    Check out Post it on your Facebook. Tweet it. Stumble it. Do whatever else you do to spread awesomeness across the world wide web. With our powers combined, we can make Casey’s (fairly reasonable) dream come true!

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