6 Recent TV Shows That You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Canceled

    March 15, 2011 at 5:00 am

    It happens every TV season: a new TV show is jammed down the throats of the public with constant TV spots, magazine ads and billboards. The ads finally disappear and then so does the show, usually before anyone ever really notices or cares. It seems to get worse every year.

    Here are six TV recent TV shows that didn’t even last as long as their commercials seem to last.

    Glory Daze

    Period comedy/drama taking place in the 1980’s about a group of friends entering their freshman year of college and fraternity life. The commercials ran non-stop on TBS during last year’s MLB playoffs. So often that even Frank Caliendo said it was “too much.”


    An ex-cop and recovering alcoholic partners with his best friend, a former criminal in an unlicensed private investigation business in San Diego. It was with the guy from Grounded For Life. Yeah, that guy.

    Running Wilde

    Will Arnett starred as a clueless self-centered billionaire who is trying to win back his first love (played by Keri Russell) who tries to change him into a compassionate person. It would have been funny if Arnett did a J.O.B like magic trick to end the show. Although no one would have seen it because no one was watching the show.

    The Good Guys

    Cop show that was part action/part comedy. It was about a two cops – one is a washed up throwback to the 80’s and the other an ambitious young detective non his way up and stared Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford. Commercials ran during every NFL game on Fox.


    Years into their retirement, a husband and wife team are re-activated as CIA agents. They should have stayed retired. Cancelled in its first season after 7 episodes (OUCH!)

    Breakthrough With Tony Robbins

    This “reality” series starring infomercial man Tony Robbins helped couples overcome tough challenges. Someone hopefully helped Tony overcome the fact it lasted 2 episodes.

    1. wards says:

      I hated to hear Terriers was canned, it was easily the best first season of any show I can recall in the last five-ten years.

    2. bigyaz says:

      I didn’t realize they were canceled — mainly because I didn’t realize they existed in the first place.

    3. M. Henry says:

      It’s not “J.O.B.” It’s “G.O.B.” dumbass. George Oscar Bluth. Also Running Wilde was great.

    4. wphayduke says:

      Terriers was the best thing on non-cable TV (my favorite even among the cable shows), well written, intelligent exposition, funny, unpredictable. It’s a real loss and deserves to be missed. Also, it was one of the few stories set against class struggle, which almost everyone in America butts heads against (although god knows the affluent don’t want anyone to admit it). All these shows about supposedly poor people living in upscale apartments in upscale neighborhoods haven’t got a clue. As a country we still haven’t figured out how badly we’re being placed (I’ve gotten admire the spirit of community the Japanese are showing, we could learn a lot from them). But I digress.. Terriers we hardly knew ya, and you will be much missed.

    5. TheReviewer says:

      UnderCovers started out okay, but the storylines became rather cheesy after awhile.

    6. Peadkinkle says:

      so bummed about Glory Daze. I loved that show!

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