Crazy Animals, Sheen is Hiring, and News About Boobs

    March 9, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Everyone needs a good excuse to stare at breasts, right? Right. And science says it’s the thing to do!Click here to see how Staring at Boobs is Good For Your Health.

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    The Links:
    Bulls are Crazy [TotalProSports]
    Brittany Snow is HOT [Maxim]
    Megan Fox is Still Around/Still Has Boobs [Popoholic]
    Miley Cyrus in Her Underwear…Again [HollywoodTuna]
    120 Guys Staring at 240 Boobs [DJMick]
    20 Stupid Parenting Techniques [TruTV]
    What Your Pants Say About You [CollegeHumor]
    Charlie Sheen’s New Social Media Manager [AOLNews]
    Anthony Hopkins as the Next Bond Villain? [ScreenJunkies]
    50 Cent’s New, Crappy Movie Trailer [FilmDrunk]

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