10 Animated Gifs That Prove Charlie Sheen Is Bonkers

    March 9, 2011 at 5:00 am

    A picture says a thousand words. What does an animated GIF say? A million words, and in this case, Charlie Sheen is bat-sh*t crazy. Fine, these moments might be taken a little out of context, but when you remember the actual context (talking of trolls, warlocks and tiger’s blood) these moments might make Charlie look kind of sane.

    Feast your eyes on a winner.

    1. Annie Moose says:

      His show was terrible, he’s a terrible actor, and he deserves everything he got. I just feel sorry for the dude’s kids, it won’t end well for them.

    2. Jeeves says:

      Looks like someone is obsessed with charlie sheen. Creepy.

    3. TheReviewer says:

      i thought he was kool, but he deserves to get fired, f**king idiot ruined it for all the other actors/production people who were involved in the show, they’ve lost so much money thanks to charlie.

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