Disney Boss Scared Kid To Make Bambi Death Scene Seem More Realistic

    March 8, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Look, authenticity sells movies, and the more realistic a movie looks the better it does at the box office. Everyone thought Blair Witch Project was real and it made huge bucks. A Disney boss once told the child voicing Bambi that his mom was in trouble to get Bambi’s death scene to sound more realistic. It’s show business! Even his future trauma.

    The child star who voiced Bambi in Disney’s 1942 classic movie was told his real mum was in peril, so he’d sound authentically panicked for the film’s pivotal death scene.

    Former child star Donnie Dunagan was in the studio recording his voice for the scene in which Bambi’s mother is shot by hunters and his mother had to excuse herself to run an errand – and animators pounced on the opportunity to really worry the six year old.

    It was 1942, it was a much different time. You could scare kids. Hell, you could even hit them and make them do work. It was just the way things worked. Look at the result. Bambi is a classic and it has made the Disney company billions over the years. I’m sure the little dude made out all right.

    Appearing on TV show The View on Friday, Dunagan revealed he quit acting at the age of 12 and became a legal orphan after falling out with his family. He later served in the Marines and became a commanding officer.

    He left his family and joined an elite group of killing machines. See. A classic Disney happy ending.

    Disney Boss Scared Bambi Star To Get Death Scene Perfect – [Contact Music]

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