First Look At Red Skull From Forthcoming Captain America Movie

    March 4, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Red Skull! Red Skull! It’s a picture of the Red Skull. Actually, I’m not that excited, I’m just trying to fit in with every other dork moistening their shorts over this pic.

    Most superheroes are only as good as their villains are bad. In this summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger, Chris Evans plays a scrawny, sickly wannabe soldier during World War II who gets an injection that turns him into a super-warrior. A similar experiment was also established by the Nazis, but turned their test subject — the weapons developer Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving) — into the ghastly Red Skull.

    Pictures are nice and all but it doesn’t mean the movie will be good. I’ll admit, cool looking Red Skull, which was bound to happen since they’ve had months to take one awesome shot to release for publication. I could look like a male model with the right photography and one shot. Yes, I do think highly of myself, thanks for asking.

    The premise of the movie, out July 22, is that the serum only brings out the subject’s inner strength. Good guys, like Steve Rogers, remain good guys — only much tougher. Bad guys, like Schmidt, turn into living horrors.

    Good Lord man yell spoiler next time!

    ‘Captain America’: First look at Red Skull! – []

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