7 Epic Celebrity Twitter Death Hoaxes

    March 3, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    The Celebrity Death Hoax has been around ever since celebrities started dying, and in recent years social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have made rumor-mongering easier than ever. Jim Carrey is the latest victim to meet his faux demise on the internet, but he’s not alone. Here are some of the most Epic Celebrity Twitter Death Hoaxes in the history of celebrity death hoaxes:

    Jim Carrey Died in a Snowboarding Accident

    According to Twitter, Jim Carrey died on March 2nd, 2011 after injuries sustained in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. The unfounded rumor seems to have spawned from Global Associated News and it quickly gained momentum as thousands of Twitterers, who are apparently feeling starved for a good celebrity death shocker, spread the rumor across the internet with the enthusiasm of a 14-year old who just found his dad’s dirty movie stash. Unfortunately, the rumor turned out to be completely untrue. I guess Wednesday is “Start Celebrity Death Rumors” day at GAN headquarters, because that same day the site also reported that both Tom Hanks and Jeff Goldblum died after falling off of a cliff in New Zealand. Go ahead, Global Associated News, pick on Jim Carrey if you want. You can even mess with Tom Hanks if you really want to. But you keep your dirty mitts off of our Jeff Goldblum!

    Lindsay Lohan Killed Herself to Avoid 2 Weeks of Jail

    Lindsay Lohan had a rough summer in 2010. In fact, she’s kind of had a rough past 3 years, but last summer was particularly awful for the child star turned drug addicted, kleptomaniac hit-and-run enthusiast. Last July, just before she was due to begin a 90-day stint in jail for a parole violation, Lindsay’s Wikipedia page was updated with a report that she had died of a drug overdose. Twitter users caught wind of the report and the hoax spread like wildfire. What happened next was about a billion times more hilarious than that: a user claiming to be Lindsay’s friend Kim Kardashian (complete with a misspelled “kimkardashain” user name) tweeted ”Omg! Is @lindsaylohan dead?! I keep hearing these rumors from my friends n stuff!! Is it true?!”. Upon reading this, millions of twitter users came to believe that a) they’d been spelling Kim Kardashain’s name incorrectly all this time, and b) that if Lindsay’s close friend was buying the rumor, then it must be true! Eventually the change was corrected on Wikipedia and the Twitter rumor was dispelled, but I’m not sure if Lindsay will ever recover from the stress of–oh, wait. She’s stealing things again. That means she’s fine!

    Paris Hilton Got Shivved to Death in Jail

    Paris Hilton looks like a goose. In fact, the only difference between Paris Hilton and a goose is that geese don’t have herpes, and when someone tells you a goose is dead it’s most likely true. That was not the case in June 2007 though, when Twitter exploded with reports that Paris Hilton had been stabbed to death by a fellow inmate while serving jail time for drinking and driving. The major perpetrator of the hoax was Mike Burke, a guy who was disgusted by all the attention Hilton’s jail story was getting in the mainstream media. Burke created a fake press release and disguised it to look like a CNN news article. He later reported that the page received close to a million pageviews in 3 days. According to Burke’s fake story, Hilton was dragged into jail, screaming and insulting people and calling one security guard a “country bumpkin”. The hoax was dispelled by Paris’s team of handlers. No word yet as to whether or not Paris knows what a bumpkin is.

    Justin Bieber Died Just Because People Said So

    In January 2011, a rumor began spreading on Twitter that Justin Bieber, the nation’s #1 bushy-haired, Ellen Page reminiscent teen heart throb, had passed away. Millions of tweets hashtagged with “RIP Justin Bieber” flooded the internet, and 14-year old girls cried enough tears to house a large pod of adult orcas. Bieber, who’s usually all over twitter like a fat guy at an all-you-can-eat barbecued rib lunch buffet, was silent. Nobody knows why Bieber didn’t act quickly to dispell the rumor. Maybe he was in the midst of an intensive lip syncing lesson. We may never know, but when someone reports that a hyperactive Twitterer has died, and then that Twitter is uncharacteristically unresponsive, the rumor spreads like an STD at a frat party. Bieber later dispelled the rumor via Twitter, but can we be sure that the Justin Bieber we’re still cyberstalking is not a hastily constructed android Bieber? No. We can’t. Honestly, you could put a Bieber wig on an oscillating fan and most teen girls wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    CNN Reports Morgan Freeman’s Death, Learns That The Internet Can Lie

    In December of 2010, Twitter user originalcjizzle (not to be confused with all of the knock-off cjizzles on Twitter) supposedly retweeted a CNN post reporting the death of Morgan Freeman. Being that Twitter doesn’t really care about checking sources for validity, and since originalcjizzle had about 1,500 Twitter followers at the time, the fraudulent claim picked up major steam on the site and even overflowed to other social media sites like Facebook. The world was in a panic. If Morgan Freeman was dead, who would tell us what all the penguins were up to?! Fortunately, Morgan was still very alive and very well. When CNN caught wind of the hoax, they quickly posted a correction on their Twitter and began an investigation as to the source of the falsified claim. Originalcjizzle later tweeted an apology to Freeman and CNN, and also felt the need to clarify that he “…is not a rapper”. The tweeter explained that the hoax was a joke amongst his friends, and that he never intended for the story to gather as much steam as it did. Who knew that posting a fake CNN report that an old famous person died would be so easy to believe?

    Kanye West Goes Out in a Blaze of Craziness/Glory

    In October of 2009, just weeks after Kanye West’s infamous VMA gaff in which he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to announce to the world that she shouldn’t have won, a random Twitter user reported that Kanye West had died in a car crash. In an event that unveiled the world’s secret desire to see something terrible happen to Kanye, “RIPKanyeWest” became a trending topic on Twitter, and within hours it was one of the top Google searches in the country. The rumor was dispelled when Kanye’s then girlfriend, Amber Rose, posted a correction on her Twitter feed and chastised the internet for being fickle and soulless. Apparently that was the first time she had ever used the internet for anything, ever. The good news: Kanye is still alive, rich, and crazy as ever. The bad news: Kanye is still alive, rich, and crazy as ever.

    Christian Slater Dies Just Like Jim Carrey Did

    Somebody out there really wants an obscure celebrity to die in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. In February of 2011, just a month before Jim Carrey was reported dead from a snowboarding accident in Switzerland, Christian Slater suffered the same faux fate. The report was later traced back to (you guessed it) Global Associated News, the fraudulent news site run by Rich Hoover. Rich claims that he reports fake celebrity deaths because it’s free publicity for the victimized celebrity, and not just because it’s a great way to drive insane amounts of traffic to your website for two hours before everyone realizes that you’re a liar. Also, we’re talking about Christian Slater here. He was in Gleaming the Cube. He gets free publicity every day when people try to do Jack Nicholson impersonations and end up doing Christian Slater impersonations instead. Furthermore, is a death notice really the preferred method of reminding the public that you’re still alive? The saddest part of this story is that someday an obscure celebrity is really going to die as the result of a snowboarding accident in Switzerland and nobody’s going to believe it. Thanks a lot, Rich.

    1. TheReviewer says:

      The internet can create stories out of nothing, I thought the same thing when I heard MJ died, but sadly it was true.

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