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    March 1, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Check out our case studies, links, and pictures from past advertising campaigns:

    JVC Mobile’s “Turn Me On 2” viral video campaign – Summer, 2009

    • Challenge:  Drive videos views to JVC Mobile’s “Turn Me On 2” custom videos
    • Solution:  Ego TV created a custom channel at for 10 custom-made JVC Mobile videos.  The Channel was promoted on Ego TV’s homepage, Ego TV’s main video page, and other Ego TV pages.  Companion banners were included, as well as thumbnail links to JVC Mobile photo galleries and bonus videos.
    • Result:  2010 renewal for Turn Me On 3; over 10MM views from Spring ’09 to Spring ’10.  The first 2MM views (of the 10MM) were driven to the videos within the first 30 days of the campaign launch date (approximately May ’09 to June ’09).
    • Link:


    Universal Pictures – Fast & Furious – Channel reskin and sponsorship – April, 2008.

    • Challenge:  Drive box office ticket sales and awareness the new film with its original cast (Vin Diesel, Paul Walker)
    • Solution:  Ego TV created a custom “Fast & Furious Channel” within Ego TV, which featured Ego content and the Fast & Furious trailer (plus banners and pre-roll).  The Channel had a prominent link on the Ego TV homepage, and the stars of the film selected special Ego videos to run on the Channel.
    • Result:  Ego TV delivered 3x’s the expected impressions on the Channel, resulted in 4.5MM impressions in just 2 weeks, including 500,000 pre-roll.



    Carl F. Bucherer – “City by City – Win the Watch” – Brand-produced original content distribution, contest.

    • Challenge:  Promote an original video series for Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer watches, along with an “enter-to-win” contest to win a watch worth $11,000.
    • Solution:  Video thumbnails for an original video were placed on the Ego Luxury Channel.  The watch was integrated into the original video content focused on travel.  “City by City” was a travel show that featured a custom pre-roll interstitial for Carl F. Bucherer.  Video overlays and banners were used to promote the contest.
    • Result:  200,000 views of the video and thousands of contest entries.


    Tresemme viral video campaign/ video distribution – Spring 2010

    • Challenge:  Promote views of Tresemme’s coverage of Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion Week events and Tresemme’s “Designer Spotlight” original videos.
    • Solution:  Create a Tresemme Channel on Ego TV with all Tresemme original content from Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion Week events.
    • Result:  They have renewed three times for Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion Week events (NYC, LA).  They average 200,000 to 500,000 views per campaign (1 month long campaigns).


    Ed Hardy – “The Ego Scoop Presented By Ed Hardy” – Original content produced by Ego TV for Ed Hardy

    • Challenge:  During the MTV VMA’s, ensure celebrities are seen and filmed in Ed Hardy products (hats, shirts, bottled water, and licensed Ed Hardy products).
    • Solution:  Film celebrities for “The Ego Scoop” celebrity gossip series hosted by two Hollywood socialites in an Ego TV gifting lounge next to the VMA’s.
    • Result:  Celebrities came and wore Ed Hardy products, and drank Ed Hardy water on camera.  These included Criss Angel, the Plain White T’s, and 20 other celebrities.  5MM viewers watched the series.  Photos of celebrities with the products appeared on the EdHardy website homepage.



    Universal Pictures – MacGruber – custom editorial program for MacGruber release.

    • Challenge:  Promote the box office opening of MacGruber to drive ticket sales.  High impact needed.
    • Solution:  Over 14 days, we released 10 editorial pieces.  Ego TV also ran pre-roll and road-blocks, and a trailer promotional link on the homepage.  Clicks were found around the editorial linking back to the MacGruber site.  Editorial included photobomb galleries, and more.
    • Results:  with 600,000 views and a CTR of .5%.


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