AM Hot Links – Men With Cats, Pranks To 911 and UFOs

    March 1, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read about 25 emasculating photos of male celebrities with cats

    I don’t blame celebrities for pictures like the one above. It’s the photographer that comes up with these dumb ideas. For example, a friend of mine got married, and the photog insisted we all jumped in the air at the same time to get some kind of…I’ve got no idea what the hell she was trying for. It didn’t make any sense. Especially for a wedding. Want to make it realistic? Put us all on a bridge. Then we know at least one person will jump.

    Men love cats and the EgoTV Facebook page.

    The Links

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    World’s Largest Camel Toe – [Busted Coverage]

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