10 Memorable Famous Last Words

    February 28, 2011 at 6:00 am

    It’s been a fun run here at Ego TV but unfortunately like most things, an ending was inevitable.  I’d like to give a strong thanks to the staff here as well as owner of the site Jimmy Hutcheson.  It’s been a fun ride and I know that Ego will continue to prosper in my absence.

    However, before I go, I wanted to part ways with this post containing ten memorable famous last words.  I guess mine, along with our credo here at Ego would be “Because I’m better than you.”

    Here are 10 famous last words.

    Pardon me, sir. I did not do it on purpose.

    Said by: Queen Marie Antoinette after she accidentally stepped on the foot of her executioner as she went to the guillotine.

    I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.

    Said by: Humphrey Bogart

    I live!

    Said by: Roman Emperor, as he was being murdered by his own soldiers.

    Dammit…Don’t you dare ask God to help me.

    Said by: Joan Crawford to her housekeeper who began to pray aloud.

    Now why did I do that?

    Said by: General William Erskine, after he jumped from a window in Lisbon, Portugal in 1813.

    Hey, fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow’s paper? ‘French Fries’!

    Said by: James French, a convicted murderer, was sentenced to the electric chair. He shouted these words to members of the press who were to witness his execution.

    Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here

    Said by: Nostradamus

    Hurry up, you Hoosier bastard, I could kill ten men while you’re fooling around!

    Said by: Carl Panzram, serial killer, shortly before he was executed by hanging.

    Please don’t let me fall.

    Said by: Mary Surratt, before being hanged for her part in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. She was the first woman executed by the United States federal government.

    Now, now, my good man, this is no time for making enemies.

    Said by: Voltaire when asked by a priest to renounce Satan.

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