A Remake of “The Bodyguard” Is In The Works

    February 25, 2011 at 8:00 am

    The fact that Hollywood is going to remake or reboot every successful movie of the past fifty years is just something I’ve come to grips with but what bothers me more about this potential remake is that the damn song will have to come back too.

    Warner Bros is rebooting its 1992 hit The Bodyguard, the film that paired Kevin Costner with Whitney Houston and became for its time one of the biggest global hits in studio history with a $411 million worldwide gross.

    And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will allwwwwayysssssssss hate that song. Oh brother. It’s actually probably not that bad, considering I haven’t listened to regular radio in about three years.

    Scripted by Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Mick Jackson, the original was a fairly straight ahead tale of a Secret Service agent (Costner in a Steve McQueen homage, down to his hairstyle) drafted to protect a singing diva whose life has been threatened by a stalker, then falling for her in a way he fears is a distraction from his job.

    Thank you for the synopsis. A question from the crowd? Yes, you behind the keyboard. The handsome fellow. “Yeah, how is this gonna be different?”

    The new version is similar, including the love story, but here the bodyguard will be a former Iraq war veteran who gets the job protecting the star as his first gig after leaving the Army. He discovers that the world of Twitter, Google Maps and TMZ has made access to celebrities easier than ever, making the job more difficult than ever. The goal is to take a young female singer with global appeal and give her the platform that The Bodyguard did Houston.

    Annnndddd IIIIIIIIIIIIII realllllyyyy hattteeeeeee Holllyyyyywwwooooddddd.

    Warner Bros Remakes ‘The Bodyguard’ – [Deadline]

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