Dolphins Are Gay!..and 49 Other Mind-Blowing Facts

    February 24, 2011 at 5:00 am

    If there is one thing we want here on EgoTV, it’s for the readers to learn something every day. This is a lucky, lucky day. You are about to learn many things. 50 to be exact. Share the knowledge with others.

    1. Habu 71 says:

      O.K stands for “0 Killed”, not “Oll Korrect”.

    2. Colleen says:

      The use of “bug” as a term for problems was documented before 1947.

    3. TheReviewer says:

      Orcas are crazy species…can’t believe they’re smart enough to breathe in unison when hunting

    4. phil says:

      Mark Twain was born in 1835 not 1895.

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