Would You Rather? With Comedian Brian Scolaro

    February 23, 2011 at 11:00 am

    This week’s Would You Rather guest is comedian Brian Scolaro. SNEEZES, FARTS and ORGASMS the trifecta of sweet release and hey, we all do it. It also happens to be the title of Brian Scolaro‘s new comedy album that gives us the best release of all – laughter. We get a whole hour of multiple laughasms with 27 tracks of live comedy, sketches, and even a hilarious five minute interview with Marc Maron and his WTF podcast. It’s available on Amazon.com and iTunes.

    Let’s get to the questions.

    EgoTV: Would you rather….work in a circus as the bearded lady OR lobster boy?

    Brian Scolaro: Bearded Lady. Cause I would still probably get laid more than now.

    EgoTV: Be known as the ugly identical twin OR the dumb one?

    Brian Scolaro: Easy. The dumb one. Girls like dumb guys. Not ugly ones.

    EgoTV: Have a dead fish in your pants at all times OR always have a chewed up piece of garlic between your gums and cheek?

    Brian Scolaro: Tough one. I already do both of these. Probably the garlic. Feels less illegal.

    EgoTV: Be another race for a month OR the opposite sex for a month?

    Brian Scolaro: I would rather be the opposite sex for a month. Then I would become a lesbian.

    EgoTV: Get stood up on your wedding day OR have someone stand up at your wedding and reveal your future spouse has been cheating on you?

    Brian Scolaro: Both happened already. And thank you for bringing it up.

    Brian Scolaro’s album Sneezes, Farts and Orgasms is available on Amazon.com and iTunes.

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