AM Hot Links – MTV Hotties, Fake Simpson Words and Crazy Frog

    February 21, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read about 10 beautiful women who got started on MTV.

    Full disclosure: huge crush on former MTV News girl Serena Altschul when I was young. She is in the bottom left hand box. She was the only reason I paid attention to MTV News or any of those special, in-depth reports she did about actual important topics. Sad isn’t it? Hot chick/dude and people will pay closer attention. Why haven’t schools figured this out yet?

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    The Links

    10 Fake Simpsons Words That Belong In The Dictionary – [Guyism]
    Real People With Creepy Fetishes – [TruTV]
    6 Things That Annoy You Every Day (Explained by Science) – [Cracked]
    NFL Stud Drops $100K in Hollywood Nightclub – [TMZ]
    Crazy Frog is Kind of Annoying – [Uncoached]
    VIDEO: Blake Griffin Dunks Over a Car – [Bro Bible]
    New Thor Trailer Released – [Double Viking]
    Hotel Introduces Superstrong Toilets, Able to Flush Golf Balls – [AOL News]
    The Most Persistent Flirter on Facebook – [College Humor]
    Viral Outbreak: The Honey Badger Don’t Care! – [The Smoking Jacket]
    The 13 Hottest Wonder Woman Costumes in Pop Culture History – [Holy Taco]
    Lindsay’s a Lesbian Again. In Theory. – [The Superficial]
    Hot Blonde Aussie Sydnee Benx – [DJ Mick]
    20 Women With Real Mustaches – [Super Booyah]
    Hilary Duff’s Uber Cuteness FTW! – [Popoholic]
    Sophie Reade Is Absolutely Boobtastic (VIDEO) – [Egotastic]
    Today’s Girl: Dianna Agron – [Maxim]
    Irina Shayk & Her Team Of Hot Friends – [Hollywood Tuna]
    Katy Mixon on Her Boob Double – [Warming Glow]
    10 Cleaning-Obsessed Celebrities – [MTV]
    Selena Gomez Is An Effective Twitter User – [Caveman Circus]

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