AM Hot Links – Ladies Giving TMI, Annoying Spokespeople and Awkward Keanu

    February 18, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read about the 12 craziest examples of celeb lady TMI.

    Women aren’t the only ones guilty of sharing a little too much. Men are also to blame. There should be a rule in place however where the person (male or female) must preface what they are about to do or say with a mini disclaimer. Something like “I’m about to tell a story about my –DISGUSTING HUMAN PRACTICE HERE–so stop me now if you don’t want to hear it.” The other person then has ten seconds to decide whether they want to hear it or not. Done and done.

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    The Links

    The 10 Most Annoying Modern Commercial Spokespeople – [Guyism]
    Should You Buy Your Unemployed Friend A Beer – [TruTV]
    The 7 Most Baffling Things Ever Discovered in a Human Body – [Cracked]
    Charlie Sheen Gives Firefighters the Knife! – [TMZ]
    Awkward Pictures of Keanu Reeves – [Uncoached]
    ‘The Art of Flight’ Trailer Is Snow Porn at Its Finest – [Bro Bible]
    10 Most Popular Questions Regarding The Man Vs. Zombies Twitter Account – [Double Viking]
    Muppets to Challenge ‘Top Chef’ Contestants – [AOL News]
    Snow Days: Then and Now – [College Humor]
    Seven Traumatizing Editions of Beloved Comic Strips – [The Smoking Jacket]
    25 Wolverines You Won’t See in X-Men: First Class – [Holy Taco]
    Don Draper is Sexually Harassing Megan Fox Now – [The Superficial]
    Kate Moss Back For 2011 – [DJ Mick]
    Dusty The Kleptomaniac Cat – [Super Booyah]
    Vanessa Hudgens’ Sexy Legs Are On Display – [Popoholic]
    Karissa Shannon Flashes Curves To Fix A Flat – [Egotastic]
    Today’s Girl: Diane Kruger – [Maxim]
    Sofia Vergara Bikini Pictures For Shape Magazine – [Hollywood Tuna]
    Bill Hader on Stefon – [Warming Glow]
    The Sexiest Moment From Every Britney Spears Video – [MTV]
    222 Pictures Of Esti Ginzburg Because She Is That Damn Hot – [Caveman Circus]

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