See You In Ten: Dakota Fanning

    February 17, 2011 at 11:00 am

    See You In Ten speculates on where some of the young, up-and-coming stars of Hollywood will be ten years from now.

    Today’s Subject: Dakota Fanning

    How She Got Here: Fanning’s breakthrough performance was in I Am Sam opposite Sean Penn. As a child actress, she appeared in big-budget films such as Man on Fire, War of the Worlds and Charlotte’s Web. Fanning began the transition to more adult roles with Hounddog and The Secret Life of Bees. She was also in the Twilight Saga and appeared opposite Twilight star Kristen Stewart in the movie The Runaways.

    What She Is Doing Now: In late 2010 and early 2011, Fanning filmed Breaking Dawn (the third Twilight installment), reprising the role of Jane. In late 2010, it was announced that Fanning would not be filming any lead roles until after she finishes high school in 2011.

    See You In Ten: Here is a recent quote about Fanning “ “In all of her performances, there’s a genuine commitment and honesty that always comes across. You believe in the people she plays, and you empathize with them.” So, I’m guessing yes, she will still be getting acting gigs for a long time.

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