Five of Our Favorite Celebrity Chefs…And Why

    February 17, 2011 at 6:00 am

    I enjoy eating as much as the next guy.  When it comes to actually preparing the food? Well then that’s a different subject entirely.  Out of all the males I know I happen to enjoy cooking more than most.  However, I’m not so into it that I’d consider a career in the culinary arts.

    However that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the fine work that chefs do.  In fact I decided to list my five favorite celebrity chefs.  Yippee!

    Mario Batali

    I happen to be a tremendous fan of Batali for one reason:  Babbo.  If you aren’t from New York and you happen to visit New York City please take the time to make the required month in advance reservation for this restaurant.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Wow.  I mean seriously, wow.  The food there is out of this world.  But it ain’t just Babbo.  Batali owns plenty of places and each one offers its own distinct awesomeness.  This guy is a force to be reckoned with.

    Bobby Flay

    Flay is a more energetic “made for TV” type of a guy.  But it’s tough to argue with the quality of food at his restaurants.  Flay is continuously trying to outdo himself as well as others.  Hell he competes with random strangers around the country to match or best their own recipes.  Pretty egotistical but pretty awesome if you ask me.

    Gordon Ramsay

    Well right now I like him just because he got some crazy botox done on his face and he looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  That’s funny in itself.  But in all honesty if you actually watch this guy, take away his psychotic temper (which I love) the dude knows his stuff when it comes to having a successful restaurant.  And he knows it from the food all the way to the service to the decor of a restaurant.  I respect his knowledge despite him being an ass.

    Giada De Laurentiis

    Let’s face it folks.  I’m not even sure how good of a cook she is.  And honestly I don’t really care.  I’ve got two reasons I love the lovely Giada.  One, the way she says Mozzarella.  Two:  Any time she bends over is something to be mystified by.

    Julia Child

    She was the original.  She paved the way for cooking to become popular on TV so it’s impossible to leave her out.  Then again this is my list so I can have whatever I want on it.

    *I guess we could include Emeril but I’m not a fan of “Bam!” so I left him out.

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