Six Female Celebrities Who Kind of Stink Now

    February 15, 2011 at 6:00 am

    They’re the craziest chicks in the world.   Their lives have gone through thick and thin and now it’s mostly thin…not literally for some of them though.  And that’s why the tabloids love them.  It’s also probably the only reason why most of them are still famous…sort of.

    Check out these six “divas.”

    Naomi Campbell

    Apparently Ms. Campbell has been under the impression that “assistant” is a synonym for “punching bag”, as she has physically lashed out at three of them; some requiring medical attention. Her weapon of choice? Each and every case states that Naomi bitch slapped them with her cellphone. Her hired help is only lucky that no one has designed a cell with sharp edges, or they would have been thrown like ninja stars.

    Whitney Houston

    Fifteen years ago, if you had stated that Whitney Houston’s career would be in the dumpster next to Bobby Brown, you would have called them crazy. In something like the chicken/egg scenario: was it the drugs that made Whitney nuts, or was it the crazy that made her gravitate towards the drugs? Either way it resulted in the destruction of her career, and we all got to see it broadcast on Bravo. Only now is she trying to crawl back out of the pit she dug and getting her fame back to where it was….and it’s not working.

    Mariah Carey

    Would a crazy woman walk onto live television and hand out ice cream? Mariah did that and more when she had a public melt down on MTV earlier in her career. Maybe it was because of her unwatchably shitty movie ‘Glitter’, or the fact that no one wanted to buy her albums anymore. Things have been quiet for a while now, but let’s see how things end up between her and grandson Nick Cannon.

    Bai Ling

    It seems like the thinner she gets, the crazier she is. After hearing her barely English rant about how she’s the moon spirit or some such crap, I’m really hoping that this is all from hunger.  For her sake, someone get her a cupcake.

    Sharon Stone

    In the early 1990’s she was a very hot commodity.  Over a decade later she had gotten so low on the acting ladder that she was the villain in ‘Catwoman’ with Halle Berry.  Really?  Wow.   Not even a sequel to ‘Basic Instinct’ could keep her afloat, and she became the only actress to ever argue about putting MORE nude scenes with her in it.  Where there was once an alluring sexy female there is now a crazy skeleton running around with a Sharon Stone mask on.

    Janice Dickinson

    While Janice was once a very attractive model, she now makes her money by casting new hot talent in the roles that she once inhabited. This has resulted in her going totally crazy and acting like the dried up old you know that she now is.

    1. dennis says:

      Great list but I’m not sure Mariah should be on there. However, Julia Roberts should definitely be on there.

    2. brocklanders says:

      Is Lady Gaga a diva?

    3. The Eggman says:

      Janice Dickinson looks like she literally smells

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