Justin Bieber Shirts Banned From School For Being “Gang Related”

    February 14, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Justin Bieber may be many things (be nice people) but one thing he is not is a gang-banger. At least not until he is 18 and his mom isn’t allowed back stage. HEEYOOOOO!

    A school in Yonkers thinks the Beebs is very much like a gang leader and has therefore banned his shirts.

    Four teenage girls at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, NY tell TMZ they attended a premiere for Justin Bieber’s movie on Tuesday … then wore their homemade t-shirts, emblazoned with “Bieber Krew,” to school the next day

    The girls say school security ordered them to remove the shirts or cover them up because they were “gang-related.” The students say they were also threatened with suspension.

    Really? A couple of shirts made from the crap at JoAnn Fabrics is enough to get kids suspended? I’m sure the place is filled with actual gang members and kiddies doing drugs in the bathroom but the main issue of the day is homemade shirts for a pop tween. It’s like a bad episode of iCarly. Actually, it’s like a good episode of iCarly. iGot Suspended For An Ugly Shirt.

    The principal then called a meeting with the girls, their parents and the security guards. One of the parents tells TMZ the principal told them the t-shirts were “inappropriate for school because they were gang-related” and the girls would be suspended if they wore them again.

    One parent tells us, “It’s ridiculous. They’re good kids who love Justin Bieber.”

    Ehh. “Good kids” is debatable. Outstanding shirt makers is undeniable!

    Justin Bieber T-Shirts — Too Gangsta For School – [TMZ]

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