20 Things You Should Think You Know About: Halle Berry

    February 11, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Super-fans think they know everything about their favorite stars. They don’t know the half of it. Now they do. Here are facts about your favorite celebs you never knew: and you should be glad.

    Today’s Subject: Halle Berry

    1. Was originally named after a flavor of Kool-Aid.
    2. She visits the doctor’s just to get naked.
    3. Can recite the movie Norbit line for line.
    4. Her first kiss was with a crossing guard named Luther.
    5. Has playlists on her iPod. They all involve how sexy she feels that day.
    6. Thought underwear was just a fad.
    7. Has a crush on Chris Illuminati.
    8. Doesn’t trust that chick on the Progressive commercial.
    9. Is the voice of the Aflac duck.
    10. Girl you know it’s true. Oh oh oh, I love you.
    11. Drives over 200 mph in her driveway.
    12. Has 87 keys on her key chain. They all open a mailbox she no longer uses.
    13. Sent an audition tape for What Not To Wear.
    14. Hates the word “moist.”
    15. Thinks the Flinstones movie was her best work.
    16. Has a DVR filled with the game show Lingo.
    17. Punches pineapples to relax.
    18. Loves the “n” word. “Nuisance.”
    19. Calls it “balsonic” vinegar on purpose.
    20. Wears her Catwoman costume to bed.

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