Katy Perry And Russell Brand Having Marriage Issues Because Katy Perry Just Realized She Is Married To Russell Brand

    February 10, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Katy Perry is looking for a good marriage counselor. Specifically one that can tackle such a long relationship and wonder where it all went wrong. Aside from “right in the damn beginning.”

    Three months into their marriage, Katy Perry and Russell Brand may already be hitting a bump. In January, just weeks before launching her worldwide tour, Katy “started asking friends to recommend a marriage counselor,” an insider tells Life & Style.

    I’ve got a great marriage counselor for Mrs. Brand (two thumbs — pointing at my zipper)

    Is it possible to high-five almost every other man in the world. I’m sure we are all thinking the same thing after this headline. Double the excitement because it’s happening even faster than we’d hoped. Much, much faster.

    The two married in October after just fourth months of dating and a whirlwind 10-month engagement. But since saying their ‘I do’s’, the couple have been pulled in opposite directions by their careers. Russell has been based in LA and NYC, where he’s shooting the movie Arthur, while Katy’s been performing all over the world. And on Feb. 20, she’ll kick off her 95-date, 10 month international California Dreams tour.

    Things that could have probably been discussed, oh, I don’t know maybe in the beginning? “Wait, you’re a traveling singer? I bet that involves one or two days away from home right? Oh 10 months you say? Interesting. Well your boobs can make it work. I mean we. We can. Boobs. Did I say boobs again? Damn.”

    The Teenage Dream singer recently told Elle Magazine on her marriage, “I think you can have it all. You just have to work really hard, because great things don’t come easily. Everyone’s been told that marriage is hard work, and it is: You have to make time for the things you love.”

    It’s very hard. Especially at the three month part. Totally.

    Katy Perry and Russell Brand seek couples therapy – [Life and Style]

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