Eight Great “Before They Were Famous” Celebrity Commercials

    February 10, 2011 at 6:00 am

    There’s just something interesting about celebrities before they were celebrities isn’t there?  It’s not like any of you would care what I was doing 10 years ago before I was doing this.  Then again if I were famous perhaps you would.

    But since I’m not the subject of this article I wanted to bring you some amusing commercials that starred some of today’s biggest celebrities.


    Elijah Wood Pizza Hut Commercial

    How cute was this little guy?

    Meg Ryan for Aim Toothpaste

    Seriously, how bangable is she there?  Is she not the perfect little cheerleader?  No wonder she landed that spunky little role in Top Gun.

    Leonardo DiCaprio for Bubble Yum

    “Tube pumping Boombox.”  I’m assuming this is the line that got him on Growing Pains.

    Morgan Freeman Loves Listerine

    I think Morgan Freeman might be 1000 years old.   Even back then he was a badass.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar for Burger King

    Jesus, you can barely recognize her.  What a doll.

    Keanu Reeve For Cornflakes

    Is that Wham in the background playing music?

    Brad Pitt for Pringles

    I think most of us know this one but it’s still worth posting.

    Demi Moore for Diet Coke


    1. TheReviewer says:

      Maybe all that time slowing in his dream world’s dream world is catching up with him. 😮

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