Six Cheesy Motivational Songs from Movies

    February 7, 2011 at 6:00 am

    For as long as I live I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of certain scenes in movies.  Part of it is because of how awesome they are from a cinematic perspective and part of it is simply because of how awesome the accompanying music is.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the following six songs will stay with me forever.  If I ever need a quick boost in morale then these cheesy tunes will help me in a pinch…..

    “You’re the Best” – Karate Kid

    Hell I even love the name of the singer, Joe Esposito.   It’s so 80s isn’t it?  I mean you really can’t get much better than this classic from Karate Kid can you?  I don’t think it’s possible.   What’s even better is that you watch the movie and see how truly pathetic this little montage really is.  Then again, that blond guy Dutch is a total badass.

    “Hearts on Fire” – Rocky IV

    I would dare to say this song isn’t even cheesy.  It’s just purely awesome.  I’m pretty sure it could be the year 2060, I’d be almost 90 and if I played this song at the gym I could easily bench press 300 lbs.  That’s how awesome this song is.

    “No Easy Way Out” – Rocky IV

    And yes, I posted more than one Rocky IV song.  Why shouldn’t I?  Are you kidding me with this song?  And P.S., the singer, Robert Tepper, is white?  That’s nearly equivalent to when all of us found out that Rick Astley is white.   This montage scene might be one of the best scenes of all time.

    “Push it to the Limit” – Scarface

    What’s interesting about this song, other than how unbelievably 80s it is, is that I’ve never really come across a song that’s motivating yet it’s origin is a movie about a guy who kills people and sells drugs for a living.  I mean wouldn’t I not be motivated by that?  Yet someone the cheesy montage kind of makes me want to be a drug dealer.

    “Danger Zone” – Top Gun

    You don’t make a list like this without including Kenny Loggins.  That’s like a cardinal rule.

    “You Got the Touch” – Transformers and Then Boogie Nights

    Yes, this song was used in the original Transformers movie (by Stan Bush) which I’m guessing none of you knew.   But of course the true version was in the movie Boogie Nights.  No doubt all of you remember that amazing scene.  “Feel My Heat” isn’t bad either.

    1. TheReviewer says:

      The only things more cheesy than these songs are the montages that they typically appear in.

    2. brocklanders says:

      Nothing beats Hearts on Fire.

    3. The Eggman says:

      Show me a guy that didn’t workout to the Rocky IV soundtrack and I’ll show you a GOD DAMN LIAR!

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