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    February 2, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Video games can be very addicting.  I mean this isn’t anything new.  However, in the past five years or so it’s starting to get a little over the top.  In fact, some people accuse developers of making the games addictive on purpose.   While this may be true, I’m not sure it warrants the actions of some of the people we’re going to discuss.

    The following are six cases of video game addiction that get more and more extreme……

    Teen Burns a Classmate

    How many of us have gotten into a schoolyard scuffle? We’ve all been there, but a boy in Beijing took it to the next level. Apparently having lost himself in the game World of Warcraft, he “became” a fire mage in his mind, and set his classmate on fire.For those who don’t play World of Warcraft  it’s probably fairly easy to deduce what a fire mage does by putting two and two together.

    A Fifty-Hour Starcraft Session

    A man in South Korea almost pulled off three all-nighters…in a row. After a 50-hour Starcraft session, the South Korean man collapsed and died from heart failure. It was presumed that his death was caused by exhaustion, because he had only stopped to use the bathroom and for short periods of sleep.  Good Lord.

    Suicide over a Game – Yes, Suicide

    On December 27, 2004, Xioyi left a suicide note saying he wanted “to join the heroes of the game he worshipped.” The thirteen-year-old then jumped off a tall building after playing World of Warcraft for 36 hours straight. His parents are now suing the Chinese distributors of the game for $12,500.

    Parents Neglect Their Child

    A three-year-old South Korean girl died of neglect when her parents spent more time raising a virtual girl than her. The game they had been playing was Prius Online, a game similar to Second Life where players work virtual jobs and well… live a second, virtual, life. The couple had left for a 12-hour gaming session at an internet café, leaving their daughter unattended. Upon returning home, they found her dead.

    Man Stabbed to Death

    Qiu Chengwei stabbed Zhu Caoyuan to death after Caoyuan had sold Chenwei’s virtual sword in the game Legend of Mir 3. Caoyuan had offered the money to Chenwei, but Chenwei lost his temper and stabbed Caoyuan while he slept.

    Murdering a Parent over Halo 3

    Seventeen-year-old Daniel Petric murdered his mother and injured his father after they refused to let him play Halo 3. Petric walked into his parents’ room and said “Would you close your eyes? I have a surprise for you,” before shooting his father between the eyes.  Can you believe that?  Insane.

    * And if you don’t know about the Shawn Woolley story then Google it.

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