6 Women That Don’t Deserve Their Ranking On Ask Men’s “Most Desirable” List

    February 2, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Ask Men has released their yearly list of The Most Desirable Woman of 2011. Who gets the coveted spot this year?

    After more than 5 million votes were cast internationally, AskMen’s 10th Annual “Top 99 Most Desirable Women” list today uncovered Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively as this year’s No. 1.

    I’m fine with that decision. I’m sure I could make a case for some other women but I’d never say no way to Blake. There are, however, some women on the list with a ranking that is frankly puzzling. Some are ranked way to low and some must have stuffed the ballot to earn their lofty ranking.

    Here are six women that don’t deserve their spot in the top 99.

    Eva Longoria (Ranking #68)
    Should Be: Ranked higher

    Maybe the voting was done before the Tony Parker divorce. That would explain the ranking but if the voting was done while she was newly single, Longoria deserves to at least land in the top 30. Did you see her at the Golden Globes. Yes you did, that’s the picture above. Convince me she isn’t top 30 material. Stop staring at her chest and convince me.

    Minka Kelly (Ranking #99)
    Should Be: Ranked WAY higher

    What the what?!? Is it because of the Jeter thing? Seriously, do non-Yankees fans hate him so much that it effects their judgement of his hot girlfriend. Seen the ads for the new movie “The Roommate.” She can live in my house any time, rent free. Hell I’ll pay her to live there she just can’t invite Jeter over.

    Emma Watson (Ranking #17)
    Should Be:
    Ranked lower

    There is no debating that Watson has grown into a ridiculously good looking young woman but it’s just a little too soon to vote her so desirable. It’s almost creepy. She hasn’t even turned 21 yet so she has plenty of time to dominate this list for years to come. Let’s put her in the bottom tenth just for this year with an asterisk stating “just wait until next year.”

    Penelope Cruz (Ranking #16)
    Should Be:
    Ranked lower

    Never saw the big deal about Cruz (her nose is almost as unattractive as her accent) but for a couple moments there I understood the attraction. Possibly in like 2004. Now? Getting a little long in the nose tooth. Sorry. Slip of the nose tongue Damn it!

    Elin Nordegren (Ranking #60)
    Should Be:
    In the Top 20

    She is hot, newly single, got screwed in her last relationship (so the next guy will probably look like an angel in comparison) and is worth roughly half a billion dollars. Case closed.

    Anne Hathaway (Ranking #9)
    Should Be:
    Ranked near the bottom (if at all)

    Let’s just stop with the Anne Hathaway thing already. She spends a movie half-naked and signs on to play Catwoman and suddenly she is on everyones wish list. She seems like a sweet girl and pretty down to Earth but sadly you put her next to any of the other women she ranks higher than and the other woman will win out. I’m pretty sure the random Ask Men chick vote ranked Hathaway so high. She was in The Devil Wears Prada. Women get a copy of that movie at birth.

    1. Alex says:

      Dude, Emma Watson & Eva Longoria should be ranked lower. Anne Hathaway is definitely top 10 worthy.

    2. the man says:

      Emma Watson is Fugly dude, yer crazy. Or your GAY

    3. dicta says:

      What an incredibly stupid article. If this list took into account talent or taste the ONLY women on the list would be Penelope Cruz and Anne Hathaway. But I guess for some reason talent is undesirable in women…?

    4. JC says:

      Camilla Belle was also ranked way too low at #98. And Selita Ebanks was the top ranked Victoria’s Secret model at #4? I don’t think so.

    5. Anyone with plastic bags for boobs should be automatically disqualified. Look at the horrific lumps on Eva Longoria, Elin Nordegren and most of the other pathetic things on the list.

    6. A-Ron says:

      Anne is hot, I don’t know what the hell your problem is.

    7. Mark Dingus says:


      Not everybody shares yours.

    8. Bob says:

      Anne Hathaway is smoking hot. Are you out of your mind?? Eva Longoria looks like a fucking gargoyle, and you’re trying to tell me that you think Anne Hathaway is over rated?? You’re fucking retarded.

    9. farts says:

      couldn’t agree more about anne hathaway

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