6 Potential Celebrities For the New “Bad Girls Club”

    February 1, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Bad Girls Club is down-right hilarious. How could a house filled with semi-hot and highly ugly girls, who tell everyone they’re the rawest chicks on the block not be? Pop off!

    Hollywood is also filled with self proclaimed “Bad Girls”, but only a select few can even hold a flame to the true few. Bow down to these bitches, Hollywood’s real bad girls club.

    Lindsay Lohan

    I’ll save you the Blow-han jokes and get straight to the point. LiLo can seriously rock the party scene like no other, and her multiple stints in the slammer and rehab give her an edge. You never know if she’s sober or high and she has the ability to lash out. She’d for sure be the quiet pill pusher in the house. Need a Vicodin fill? Better have Lindsay as a roommate.

    Megan Fox

    Hated by most females because she’s so damn hot. The tattoos and bombshell body give her the ultimate bad-ass look. Megan doesn’t take crap from anyone and with her Transformers training she’d whoop some serious ass. I’d stay out of her way because she’s down right pissed after having her role re-casted in Transformers 3. Megatron, who?


    Anyone with a dollar sign has to be tough, right? Brushing your teeth with bottles of Jack and feeling like P. Diddy isn’t too shabby either. Performing in full body paint and blacking out in clubs is the norm for miss K – Dollar sign – Ha! Put a camera on this broad and lets see how raw she can really make her obsession with glitter look.

    Tyra Banks

    There is nothing bad about her other than her 5 head. It’s time for Tyra to show the world her wild side due to her, “hard life.” What is so hard about making it big as a model in the 11th grade? Take off those earrings, because these girls are coming for you!

    Lil’ Kim

    She’s been stirring up the pot lately with her recent blow ups on new comer Nicki Minaj. Kim claims to be the toughest chick in the rap game and that everyone else is just copying her blueprint. Lil’ Kim has always been known for her raunchy lyrics and sexual dancing. Lil’ Kim would be the one to flip mattresses, pee on toothbrushes and sleep with boyfriends. Bring it on!

    Nicki Minaj

    How could we not? The world wants to see Nicki and Lil’ Kim go at it. It’s one thing to attack each other in the rap world, but how about when millions are watching? My guess is Lil’ Kim comes out with a shotgun only to have Nicki deflect the bullets with her million dollar ass. Daddy likes!

    1. Moon Them says:

      Ke$ha must be from a line of gypsies, tramps and thieves….add hoe to that.

    2. Sharmota_Egy says:

      1- Tyra Banks …. 😀

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