Where They At? – Wendy “The Snapple Lady” Kaufman

    January 31, 2011 at 11:00 am

    To keep track of all the people who have arrived on the scene with a massive explosion only to disappear and never be heard from again, EgoTV presents “Where they At?”, a status update of where those people have done since the limelight has faded.

    Today’s Subject: Wendy “The Snapple Lady” Kaufman

    How It All Started: Kaufman started as an administrator in the orders department of the Snapple Beverage Company. In the 1970’s, Kaufman fell in love with Greg “Greg Brady” Williams and wrote him a letter to express her love and admiration. Of course, he never wrote back. Kaufman never forgot the slight. Year later, when she started working at Snapple, she took it upon herself to answer the letters sent to the Snapple company. The letters started to pour in and the stories got stranger and more interesting by the month. The letters were so popular, Snapple’s advertising agency decided to make an ad campaign them and Kaufman.

    The Aftermath: The ads were huge. Sales of Snapple soared from $200 to $700 million just two years later. It made Kaufman a star and she ended up appearing in over 40 commercial and made appearances on several VH1 shows.

    Where Is She Now?: According to an interview with Fox News, Wendy was fired in March 2008 by an executive of Cadbury Schweppes, the owner of the Snapple brand. As cited in Newsday, Kaufman stated that she had been made an offer, but that she “couldn’t accept the contract because it was so one-sided and worth nothing”.

    Wendy is still in the public eye, recently become the TV spokesperson for the EZ Egg Cracker.

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