Movie Trailers Need Some New Blood

    January 27, 2011 at 6:00 am

    These are the songs that make you roll your eyes in theatres, change the channel or even put the TV on mute when you hear them come on in movie trailers.

    Some are actually fantastic and beautifully written songs that have been ruined by overexposure; some are inexplicably popular songs that need to die immediately….

    Who Let the Dogs Out – Baha Men

    I have no idea how this song came to be popular.  Hell I don’t even know how it came to be but clearly the song has become a major staple in pop culture.  From sporting events to commercials to yes, movie trailers, it is the essence of any kind of family or men getting older type of a film. It first came out in 1999, started being used in trailers then… and it STILL. IS. Just go with it, and be annoyed.

    ABC – Jackson 5

    No question, you know this song. You’ve heard it in “Clerks 2,” and in the part of any movie trailer where a kooky guy (or crew of guys) has to change their ways or take on a seemingly impossible task. Who knows what could happen? Craziness ensues! But no matter what does, you know that everything is going to be OK because it’s “ABC” time.

    Carnival of the Animals – Camille Saint- Saens

    Carnival of the Animals, VII Aquarium, is the perfect example of one of those movie trailer songs that you have no idea what it is but it’s in all movie trailers needing a mystical and mythical musical background. Anything playfully mysterious or even slightly (but gothically) ethereal will have this song at the beginning of its trailer.

    Let My Love Open the Door – Pete Townshend

    I thought this was only in Look Who’s Talking.  Boy was I wrong. This is actually not a horrible song if you’re in a cheddar mood, but it really has become the “plot changes gear and someone learns something” song for the second half of just about any movie trailer.

    You Make My Dreams – Hall and Oates

    Of the five songs on this list, I have to admit that this one doesn’t bother me in the least bit.  It’s gotten huge popularity over the last five years or so in comedy movies.  It tends to come at epiphany moments of happiness. Did I say that right?  Eh, doesn’t matter because it’s true.

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