Would You Rather? With Comedian and TV Mom Tammy Pescatelli

    January 25, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Joining us this week for Would You Rather? is former Last Comic Standing contestant and comedienne Tammy Pescatelli. Tammy balances her family and her growing career with a lot of laughs on WE TV‘s new reality series, A Stand Up Mother which premieres tonight 10pm!

    EgoTV: Would you rather have someone snoop through your closet or computer files?

    Tammy Pescatelli: Computer, because I would never know! My closet is in color and sleeve length order and I would be freaked out.

    EgoTV: Would you rather accidentally lose your wedding ring or your kid’s favorite stuffed animal?

    Tammy Pescatelli: Either way, I would have to lie and say I was mugged! I would have the police file an APB for the Superman Bandit!

    EgoTV: Would you rather have to raise the Duggar kids for a year or the Gosselin kids for a year?

    Tammy Pescatelli: The Duggar kids- because some of them are old enough to have jobs, clean the house and take care of the other kids. And besides, judging by their sheer numbers- they obviously don’t have cable Yso I can trick them with the “people that live in the magic box”!

    EgoTV: Would you rather attend a five hour school musical or a five hour spelling bee?

    Tammy Pescatelli: Musical- lights are off and when I fall asleep, the flutaphone music will cover my snore.

    EgoTV: Would you rather eat Pop Tarts or Lunchables the rest of your life?

    Tammy Pescatelli: Pop Tarts-the frosting is like crack.

    EgoTV: Would you rather have gorgeous, dumb kids or brilliant , ugly kids?

    Tammy Pescatelli: A brilliant, ugly kid gets a free college scholarship- but you have to pay for his therapy for missing the prom. If you have a gorgeous, dumb kid- there is always a chance that they will get cast on the remake of “The Hills”.

    Check out Tammy Pescatellini on her new reality series A Stand Up Mother premiering January 25th at 10pm on WE. You can find Tammy’s comedy album “It Is What It Is” on iTunes.

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