Jon Gosselin Quits Job After Two Weeks And Ten Ed Hardy Shirts

    January 25, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Jon Gosselin can’t hold down a job. Which is nuts because he seems like the most employable dude on the planet. I mean the guy ran a household of eight children like a drill sergeant so why couldn’t he run an organization of people that will learn to hate him for different reasons besides being related.

    Can you picture Jon Gosselin in a business suit, making a sales call to your office? Neither could he. RumorFix has learned exclusively that Jon Gosselin has quit his new 9 to 5 gig with a eco-friendly company. The 33-year-old reality star was doing sales for Global Green Property Services, which helps businesses become more environmentally friendly.

    There should be some type of job placement firm that helps pseudo-celebs and ex-reality stars transition back into the real world. Sits them down and tells them how much people are going to hate them when they return to real life and that it was probably better if they never got famous in the first place. It will be understandable that they hate there new life of “normal.” In this case the biggest obstacle would be getting hit to not “be a douche.”

    A source close to Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband tells RumorFix exclusively, “It involved too much travel for him. [Jon] needed to be near his eight kids, that’s why it didn’t work out,” the insider says.

    “I can’t be that far away from my source of income my children! How will paparazzi find me in Fargo, North Dakota? Oh right, I call them to follow me. I’m cool then.”

    Ha Ha, you suck Jon Gosselin – [Celebslam]

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