A Gallery Of Classic Absolut Vodka Ads

    January 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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    As a kid, magazine pictures were the wallpaper of my room. Sport stars, hot chicks and just random pictures of people I deemed “cool” hung all and stared down from the walls.  I also loved the Absolut ads. They were almost like trading cards. Different ads in different mags. I’d be disappointed when I got a double. “Damn it! I already have the bottle shaped like a pool!”

    Here is a gallery of classic Absolute vodka ads. Collect them all!

    1. Nicole says:

      Quite possibly the best ad campaign of our generation.

    2. Mark says:

      I use to have these all over my dorm room wall…brings back memories

    3. TheReviewer says:

      when i was in middle school, my friends and I all collected the absolut ads and covered our walls with them

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