Five Kick Ass Suits of Armor in Video Games

    January 21, 2011 at 6:00 am

    It’s not that I’m trying to revert back to a crazy imagination as when I was around 6 years old but let’s face it.  When it’s this cold out you are always wearing layers.  I know that when I was a kid I used to imagine these layers being like shields and armor against the cold.

    And that got me thinking.  There’s been some prettyawesom armor in video games over the years.

    Here are five pieces of armor in particular that kick ass….

    Thanks to Ranker’s List for the help here!

    Samus’ Chozo Armor – Metroid

    Whenever a Metroid game has her step out of the armor into her “Zero Suit” she’s incredibly vulnerable and she becomes an object of sexual desire (see speedy/100% endings to most Metroid games, also the internet vast reserves of Zero Suit Porn) rather than an independent, powerful woman. In fact, there’s been a bunch of flak directed towards Nintendo since in her most recent game, this exact situation occurs.  For Samus, it’s really the kick-ass armor she wears that garners our respect. But, it’s respect well deserved.

    MJOLNIR Armor – Halo Reach

    The MJOLNIR armor is pretty damn amazing. All the versions of the armor have the ability to generate a protective shield around whoever’s in it, and does a damn good job of increasing strength and speed of the user.  As with Samus and Sam, it’s also the main iconic image of the respective games that feature it.  The MJOLNIR armor in Reach is definitely better, as it has the features of later versions, but also has all sorts of upgrades, from energy shield bursts of pure invincibility, to stealth cloaking technology, to hologram generation.   It’s not as good as Samus’ armor though, since only one of these nice upgrades can be in any one suit, but hey, it’s still pretty damn sweet.

    Hammer Brothers Suit – Super Mario Brothers 3

    So in all of the old school Mario games you get only one hit before you die as regular Mario, and two if you’re “Super” Mario, or Fire flower Mario. It’s actually pretty weak to know that despite doubling in size and strength, you can take one bite from a mushroom man to reduce you to a pitiful form.  Then in Super Mario Bros. 3 they added some new power-ups. Including the Hammer Bros. Suit.And there was much rejoicing.

    Real Mega Man Armor -Dead Rising

    Dead Rising’s a really fun game. It’s always great to find new and interesting ways to dismember the undead, and the game really let you do that how you wanted.  It was also a fairly realistic game (compared to most video games anyway).  But then there’s the Mega Man outfit.  Now in all actuality, the outfit doesn’t really do anything. It’s just sort of a cheap Halloween costume that makes Frank West look pretty ridiculous. But….it’s Mega Man!

    Berserker Armor – BERSERK PS2 Import

    This is a piece of armor that’s not exclusive to one game really, but it just has the best representation in a little-known amongst the general public, but beloved by importers game adaptation of the BERSERK! manga. This is the armor that’s dangerous. It’s the armor that actually functions in the reverse of most. It hurts you or actually causes your defense to go down, but in exchange, you become a whirling dervish of death!

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